concept of mini/micro nukes
concept of mini/micro nukes
Sat Feb 19, 2005 17:35

Is there any evidence in the theory for the theory behind these nukes.

As I understand it, a traditional A-bomb uses an normal explosive device which forces the nuclear material together into a mass/density great enough & at a temperature high enough to achieve fission/fusion.

In order to produce a mini/micro bomb a new method of high density traditional explosion regime would be needed to have been developed - is this within the reach of our technology, at least in theory?

The other way to produce a mini/micro A-bomb explosion is to stiffle the emerging fission chain reaction with an absorber, a sort of poison. By adding different amounts/types of poison you could control the size of explosion. But the bomb would still physically be about the same size as a traditional modern A-bomb. About the size of a large butane gas tank! Not a golf ball or orange!

Can anyone shed any light one this?

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