Stealing the Dream
Stealing the Dream
Sat Feb 19, 2005 20:19

Stealing the Dream

At his last news conference Bush mentioned that what we have in common with Europe is our “shared values.” What he meant by values was his version of freedom and democracy. In reality, what any nation means by “values” are what each state chooses to enact into law: and therein lies the duplicity. Bush has turned this country into a rogue state where the law is only something to be avoided or ignored. The USA pays lip service to freedom and democracy for all those nations where Bush is calling for regime change: Why then is he working so hard to simultaneously eliminate those same “values” in every area of American society?

These last five years have been spent completing a massive political puzzle of global proportions. Americans have not taken politics seriously for quite some time now, and that has made the following nightmare possible. Much has been written about the bits and pieces of what is really going on – yet this scheme exceeds anything yet done, in or to the world, as we have known it. The purpose has been to steal the dreams of anyone not directly involved in what has been planned for all the rest of us.

Reality began with 911 and the introduction of that foreign concept of “the Homeland,” complete with internment camps that were taken from the Nazi’s in 1934. To this was added the FEMA plan that had been drawn up under Nixon.

This idea was put together backwards, from the outset. It began with FEMA’s facilities, and was augmented by major changes in our laws (Patriot Acts I & II), to facilitate what had already been created, and now is being followed by appointing those who will administer this final phase of the takeover of the USA.

On March 17, 2003 Bush hired “the former head of the KGB (the secret police of the former Soviet Union), General Yevgeni Primakov,” as a consultant to the US Department of Homeland Security.

Primakov joined another Russian, Oleg Kalugin, KGB (Ret) with the Department of State Security, also as a part of Homeland Security. On January 1, 2005 Kalugin was replaced with the infamous and sinister 'Silver Fox' himself (his former CIA code name), Gen. Markus Wolf. “Wolf was the head of the international intelligence gathering arm (HVA) of East Germany's Ministry for State Security (MfS), or Stasi. Under Wolf (1958 to 1987), Stasi ran a network of about 4,000 agents outside East Germany, infiltrating NATO headquarters and the administration of West German Chancellor Willy Brandt.”

’Stasi and Wolf, were best known for their network of informants inside East Germany. There were spies on every block, who would report "suspicious" activities back to Stasi headquarters.’ These talents are now part of Homeland Security where they oversee spying on American citizens. Initially, this area was a province of the FBI, who introduced “Carnivore” to accomplish it. This controversial program gave the agency access to the online/e-mail activities of suspected criminals. But Carnivore was officially abandoned in January 2005, for a new software program, in tandem with the recent appointments to Homeland Security so that between computer-communications monitoring, and citizen spies, the current government might more easily accomplish their illegal goals. Does this sound like America or like an American intelligence agency?

These are some of the more obvious component parts of this dictatorship-in-waiting that was the USA. With the appointment of John Dimitri Negroponte, Bush is almost ready to launch the New World Order’s version of what the thugs want us to become. Negroponte brings together the first three tiers of this scheme, and brings us a re-combination of those calculating criminals that began with Kissinger and the CFR, back when both were seemingly harmless.

Along this path, the global Corporatocracy has borrowed parts of the Gulag from the USSR, preferring to outsource our torture and murder, rather than to deal with that problem inside this country: While from the Nazi’s they took the concept of ‘management of the masses’ in order to quell dissent and fuel the rush toward global domination. The Bandits have chosen to surround themselves not with real advisors, but only with the lowliest of YES people, which is the hallowed mark of dictators everywhere.

We have hidden our real losses in Iraq and Afghanistan, hidden the real costs of this war, and tried to paper over our losses with talk of elections and sovereign nationhood for a puppet regime. Now we are using the same run-up as was used in Iraq to invade Iran, while ignoring North Korea, one rogue nation that has nuclear weapons and who has taunted us repeatedly with that fact. Our financial house is at the cliff’s edge, our economy is becoming a shambles that we can no longer reconstruct, and our people sense the shadows that impinge over this threadbare blanket of lies, under which all of this has been so unceremoniously dumped. The layers of criminals now in the government, and the level of their treachery against the interests of the US are mind-boggling.
When Bush meets with the heads of Europe, he will do so not to discuss commonalities, not to listen to their thoughts, because despite his words the Atlantic Alliance is all but dead, thanks to his leadership in his unilateral attack upon Iraq. So Bush will build on the canned pronouncements of our Contessa of Lies, while informing the Europeans of what is required, to enable the continuation of what has always been the goal of all the outlaws now in power, which is codified and defined in the Bush doctrine of 2002.

Halliburton and its associates have already completed four of the fourteen military bases that we invaded Iraq to create. From these bases the entire Middle East will become virtual targets for the US war machine to prey upon at will: For we seek nothing less than to control “our oil,” which just happens to lie under the sands of so many other nations in that region. The money that keeps disappearing from Iraq and from all the secret contracts and the reconstruction projects in Iraq: has for the most part gone into this secret construction project that will make the US forever a part of that region militarily, not as saviors of freedom and democracy; but as that aggressive force we will be, until we have ALL the oil. The oil is obviously “ours” because we have the military might and the monomaniacal intensity to steal it outright.

None of this has been lost upon the wider world. Only the American public seems not to understand the reality of what is taking place, or where this all is leading. That golden door that was once what the words on the statue of Liberty promised, is about to be sealed and barred, then stolen and sold to further this newly impoverished place that Bush has made of the United States of America.

The single key that can undo this obscenity lies in whether the public ever understands what actually happened on 911. If that were to happen, then and only then could the public unlock the filthy secrets which that event contains, and stop this juggernaught that threatens everyone who plans to have a life! If the public paid attention to the facts already out there – then they would know:

“There is one issue, and one issue only. It is the issue that will hang them.

The time the towers took to fall.

Jetliners striking building hundreds of feet in the air could not possibly have dropped those towers in ten seconds. Think about it. 47 robust steel columns anchored in bedrock hundreds of feet below had to be demolished simultaneously at the instant of collapse in order for 9/11 to happen as it did. And that is exactly what happened.”

This is really so little to ask. Why not do some research and think about what you discover in order to get your country back. In exchange for educating yourself on that pivotal moment in American history that we call “The Crime of the Century:” then you too could be part of the victory!

The alternative does not bear thinking about; and given what has happened so far, it’s doubtful that many could imagine what their lives will look like just one short year from now – never mind all those stolen dreams that will never survive to know reality!

kirwan 2/19/05

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