Skull and Bones - Pirates - Freemasonary
Skull and Bones - Pirates - Freemasonary
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This article is about a secret society. For the pirate flag see Jolly Roger; for the international poison symbol see skull and crossbones.

Skull and Bones (also known as "Chapter 322" and "Brotherhood of Death") is a secret society at Yale University. Contrary to popular belief, it is not, in fact, the first such Yale society; the Order of the Skull and Bones, established by William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft in December, 1832 is the second; Phi Beta Kappa, however, was Yale's, first, secret society, formed on December 8, 1779. Harvard administration became aware of Phi Beta Kappa's oath of silence and sent Edward Everett, Massachusetts Unitarian minister and Harvard's future president, to lecture against the code of secrecy within organizations. Everett's speech influenced many, including Phi Beta Kappa; soon thereafter, the secret society turned standard fraternity. Russell started the Skull and Bones, revolting against Everett's impact upon PBK. By the late 19th century, the most prestigious of these societies were Skull and Bones, Scroll and Key, and Wolf's Head. Others included Book and Snake and Berzelius. Today, Scroll and Key and Skull and Bones are primary rivals.

Criticism of Skull and Bones members has centered upon concentration of wealth, elitism, possible opium dealing, subversion of the educational process at Yale. In the expos� "Fleshing out Skull and Bones" (ISBN 0-9720207-2-1), author Kris Millegan and others offer evidence that Skull and Bones exerts undue influence upon the foreign policy of the United States and has been involved in deciding upon the institutional organization of higher education and its curricula in the United States, along with designing the "accepted historiography" in the United States. For instance, a Skull and Bones member founded the American Historical Association. Moreover, Skull and Bones members organized the U.S.'s land grant university system. Both Cornell University (New York) and Yale University (Connecticut) may have developed quickly because Skull and Bones members assured that the federal grant frameworks were monopolized by selected universities. On the West Coast, Skull and Bones members were involved in organizing the State of California's educational system in the late 1800s as well. In the Midwest, the development of the University of Wisconsin system and the University of Michigan System were aided by Skull and Bones networks. Information about these personnel networks is found in the book America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull and Bones, written by Dr. Antony Sutton, the Stanford University Economics professor who was hounded out of U.S. academia for his nascent research into these very real issues.
Freemasonry, Pirates, The Jolly Roger, and Mithraism
The Old Charges of Freemasonry
"In the lecture that sums up the initiation of a new Master Mason, the newly admitted candidate is told that this degree 'will make you a brother to pirates and corsairs.' That statement makes no sense whatever in the context of a society descended from medieval stonemasons."
Pirates Progress
....One retrieved pewter platter bears the Masonic compass-and-square symbol; Kinkor speculates that Freemasonry was rife among pirates. Bellamy's fleet, he further asserts, was fully multinational and multiethnic. The ship's crew shared no common language, no common religion, and recognized no government or laws. It was a "deviant subculture," Kinkor enthuses, a permanent social revolt at sea: "This is a proto-revolutionary movement. It manifests itself as criminality, but it is in fact the expression of social discontent. As the historian Eric Hobsbawm has put it, these are 'social bandits,' not random criminals....
Skull and Bones Election 2004
Bandits own the "courts"

Treason in Government!
Admiralty on Land!!
Where's the Water?


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