Ruth Benderall
Tue Feb 6, 2007 02:10

Dear Readers,

has it EVER occurred to you that there is no such a thing as a tax LAW?
All the books, by and about the IRS, talk about the tax CODE. (I have five tomes about the IRS Tax Code (for the year 1992), so written by this same IRS. Nowhere in those 3500 pages have I EVER found the word LAW).

A LAW and a CODE are NOT interchangeable.
As all of us know, or should know.
And, of course, also the IRS knows this.
Therefore it is so that this un-lawful institution operates on bluff and intimidation, since it has no other way of getting OUR money.

Ask your employer to be exempt from paying income- (or salary-) taxes. All it takes is filling in a few forms...
If the employer does not want to honour your request, then show him/her the tax CODE. Show him/her the so-called 16th amendment (which is no amendment at all), and query him/her about where it says that one has to pay taxes on income, earned by work.
If and when, and as soon as, everybody will do this, then the IRS-house-of-cards will fall apart quicker than a tornado hits mobile homes.

Unfortunately: this only applies when one has a possible new employer.
The previous employer has, undoubtedly, already made you compliant with withholding wage-taxes, and other premiums...

Good Luck.
And this: stay free of debt.
When the Fed goes the IRS goes?What happened to this Bill?, Sun Feb 4 20:44

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