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Ed Brown: Who Do you Trust?
Mon Feb 5, 2007 17:26


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Tax standoff reveals new tactics
Patience replaces pressure, officials say

by Margot Sanger-Katz
Monitor staff

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Ed Brown: Who Do you Trust?

Anticipating another interview with Ed Brown, John Klar prepared this brief video to alert Americans to what their government has been up to, and to ask the question: Who do we trust?

The mainstream media and the United States Government are supposed to be protecting the free speech and other Constitutional rights of the American people. But at their trial, the government denied all of Ed and Elaine Brown’s motions questioning the legality of the federal income tax, and has sought repeatedly to discredit people like the Browns. The mainstream media has been all too willing to assist in this process, ignoring many of the claims of people like Ed and Elaine, instead portraying them as misinformed or deluded lawbreakers.

In this video, a former attorney who has spent many hours talking with Ed Brown explains some of the glaring problems with America’s federal government, and some of the issues that Ed Brown is trying to alert Americans about, but which the government would prefer were not discussed. Are Americans’ Constitutional protections being rapidly eroded by the federal government which is supposed to protect them? Is Ed Brown, a Constitutional Ranger, trying to defend the freedoms he took an oath to protect? This video includes facts and links to find the answers – to find the truth. Increasingly the question has become: who can Americans trust – the federal government, or people like Ed Brown?

Posted Feb 5, 2007 12:20 PM PST
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The judges are paid from tax revenues. Their courtrooms are built using tax revenues. The staff that serves the judges are paid from tax revenues. Of COURSE judges will never allow the legality of the tax system to be questioned in court. Of COURSE judges will never really examine the ratification of the 16th Amendment (unless like Judge James C. Fox, in US V Sullivan, acknowledges that the 16th Amendment was never ratified but dismisses it as too late to do anything about it). Of COURSE the judges will always rule in favor of the IRS. They have a clear and obvious financial interest in the outcomes of all these trials. It is called "conflict of interest" and precludes any judge fro ever being objective about any tax case.


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Otto Skinner's articles and books are filled with research and case cites. He has strong opinions about what he views as the misinformation circulating in the Patriot Movement. Of course, one man's "misinformation" is another man's "solid research". Who is smart enough to figure out, much less announce, who is right? We can learn much from many and should be grateful to all who struggle to find and share the truth. Take personal responsibility for the information you choose to accept and utilize, and don't blame others when you realize too late that you overlooked an essential fact. Otto provides some case law to debunk some of the approaches used by several Tax Movement attorneys and strategists. This is important information; what is disappointing, perhaps, is that he does not provide much in the way of winning cases where his particular viewpoint formed the strategic cornerstone. I am still in the process of reading Otto's books and find them very well written and loaded with research which would have taken me literally hundreds of hours to dig out myself. So, even if I wind up disagreeing with Mr. Skinner, purchasing and studying his books will have been well worth the time and money.
Wesley Snipes Charged With Failing To File Tax Mistaken Identity, Mon Feb 5 15:58

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