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Sat Feb 10, 2007 18:48

The test also showed that I am bluntly honest and have no difficulty expressing myself assertively. I am confident in my choices, belief system, and mental/emotional foundation. These findings are all within normal range. I am a leader and I won’t change my actions to those that are not proper. My approach is well-grounded. And the tester saw no reason for me to change my approach and be redirected to the heir’s lawyers thinking. I also had none of the mental disorders on the long list on the evaluation form. No evidence of any disorder of any kind, period.
Somehow I gathered enough money from my Social Security check to buy an airline ticket and secretly flew out to New Hampshire for the 5/10/2006 hearing. As I said, I had been staying with my family out West.

I never mentioned to anyone that I was going to the proceedings. I felt if they knew that, they may have prepared a different plan of action. Once I arrived at the courthouse, I made it very clear I did not appreciate what these lawyers were doing. I was asked by my New Hampshire attorney, “What is it you really want, Mrs. Mariani?” My reply was “I want a trial by jury.” He was taken aback.

I also said I wanted to speak to the judge that morning and then I handed each lawyer a copy of the psychological evaluation report. I spoke personally to the newly appointed administrator and the Boston attorneys and reprimanded them for believing the false statements made against me by the heir and her attorneys.

The heirs’ attorneys get even meaner

It seems that after I reprimanded them, they became even more cocky and arrogant in the court room. They continued to make all kinds of accusations against me. Yet they never did inform the judge that they had been given a copy of my psychological evaluation.

My attorney informed the judge that I requested to speak. To defend myself against their insulting and cruel accusations, I told the judge how far they’d gone to harass me and discredit me. I also pointed out with whom they were all associating with and why. I felt I was no longer being taken seriously, given the judge’s facial expressions. I then turned and said directly, “YOUR HONOR, what would you do if your husband was murdered and you had been harassed from day one, without a moment to grieve? I want you to order them to stop doing this to me now!”

The judge listened to all sides and then recessed. On our way out of the courtroom, I noticed a man sitting there. I didn’t understand what he was doing there, because no one had been in the seating areas of the courtroom during any of my previous proceedings. The man introduced himself as a 9/11 activist who lived in New Hampshire. He was told I’d be in court that day and he wanted to meet me for an interview.

He later informed me that there had been a note posted on the courtroom door that read, DO NOT ENTER, PRIVATE SESSION IN ORDER. My God, that would explain the lack of people attending any of my 9/11 proceedings. They were literally shut out with that sign. I informed my personal attorney and he was shocked. He said, “this note is supposed to be posted when there is a juvenile or mentally handicapped case in progress.” So, there was this endless series of dirty tricks to deal with.

Afterwards, the new administrator and heir’s attorneys tried a second time to have my psychological evaluation challenged and removed, to be replaced with one of the heir’s attorney’s appointed psychiatrists’ evaluators. The judge finally decided that my evaluation was sufficient. That was it for now.

And so my dear friends, I sincerely need your help…

As you’ve read, I’ve been abused, harassed, financially ruined in the process of trying to get justice for 9/11 and my dear husband.

At this point, any and all gift donations to help me with legal bills and living expenses would be greatly appreciated. Believe me, it’s not easy to ask, but your gift would be very gratefully accepted. And know that your gift will help me to never give up the fight to expose these criminals and what they have done to our loved ones, on 9/11 or in its bloody aftermath.

Keep the faith.

With Love,

Ellen Mariani

Please send gift donations to:

P.O. Box 2792
Parker, Co 80134

2007, Ellen Mariani
All rights reserved.
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