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Les Jamieson, Confirmed Urantia Member?
Les Jamieson is a major leader of the NY 9-11 Denial group. He debated Ron Wieck memorably on Hardfire back in July of 2006, getting whipped so badly that even the 9-11 Blogger groupies were moaning.

He's also a member of this weird Urantia cult. Quoting from the Wikipedia entry:

The exact circumstances of the origin of The Urantia Book are not known. There is no known human author of the book. It is written as if directly presented by numerous celestial beings appointed to the task of providing a new spiritual revelation to humankind.

The documented history is that a person whose identity has remained unknown received the material from celestial intelligences while asleep. The individual, known as the "sleeping subject" or "contact personality", is said to have been kept anonymous in order to prevent undesirable future veneration or reverence for him.

As early as 1911, Dr. William S. Sadler and his wife Dr. Lena Sadler (born Lena Kellogg), both practicing physicians in Chicago, Illinois, became the attending physicians of the sleeping subject after the individual's wife reported that she could not wake him. Over time, the unconscious subject produced communications that seemed to be from entities who claimed to be spiritual beings. Drs. Lena and William Sadler were respected physicians in Chicago and well known in the community. Dr. William Sadler had a reputation as a debunker of paranormal claims and generally is portrayed as not believing in supernatural claims.

A group of Sadler's friends, former patients, and colleagues originally began meeting for intellectual discussions in 1924, but became interested in the strange communications of the sleeping subject when Sadler mentioned the case and read samples at their request. Shortly afterwards, a communication was received that this group would be allowed to devise questions and that answers would be given by the celestial beings through the contact personality.

You can probably guess the rest of it--the sleeping subject proceeded to dictate the answers to life, the universe and everything, and apparently the answer was not anything quite as simple as 42. Of course, the exact manner in which the sleeping subject conveyed these answers raises a few eyebrows:

The Sadlers and others involved, now all deceased, claimed that the papers of the book were physically materialized from 1925 until 1935 in a way that was not understood even by them, with the first three parts being completed in 1934 and the fourth in 1935.

Now, you know how it is; even major religions have some eyebrow-raising claims. So you want to try not to giggle at this one, but it's definitely tough. Anyway, Jamieson definitely seems to be a member of Urantia. Here's a discussion of his work in South Africa:

The Parliament of World Religions was held in Cape Town, South Africa on December 1-8, 1999. This was an interfaith gathering of over 4,000 religionists from around the world who where there to build relationships, focus on shared beliefs, work towards world peace, and heal the environment. The Urantia Book was represented there at three different booths at which thousands of people passed by and saw the 5th Epochal Revelation. There were about 100 books taken to the event and they all were either sold or given away. It was an incredible thing to witness many cases in which people were drawn to the book as if it were a spiritual magnet and had to have it. Through special efforts, Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama, who gave plenary speeches, obtained a copy of the Urantia Book. One of our members, Les Jamieson, attended and participated in staffing the booths.

Here's some confirmation it's the same Les:

Photo taken from here.

Nico Haupt, who pointed to this information, appears to believe that Jamieson represents an infiltration by the Urantia cult, but there is no evidence of that. From what this list of the names of some Urantia members, Jamieson is the only recognizable one of any prominence in the 9-11 Denial movement. Indeed, this just seems to be a case of somebody who's into one cult joining another.

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COINTELPRO-type operation targeting the 9/11 truth movemen

As a result of the controversy surrounding Eric D. Williams, he has stepped down from involvement in the 9/11 Accountability Conference. The 911 Accountability Conference does not support Holocaust denial, nor does the 9/11 Truth Movement. No speaker listed here is known to have published works related to the Holocaust.



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