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Tue Feb 15, 2005 00:02

Conservative Republican Insider Says
Afghanistan Oil Pipeline
Basis Of 9-11 Hidden Agenda
Calls 9-11 A Preemptive Strike Against United States

By Nathan Diebenow and W. Leon Smith

CRAWFORD — He calls himself a conservative Republican, a brand that has defined him for the past 24 years at both the Arkansas and the Republican National Committee levels. After extensive research into the events that led to 9/11, Karl W.B. Schwarz, 53, has penned a book, “One-Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas — A Conservative Republican Speaks Out,” that in 832 pages details a massive governmental cover-up and explains the backdrop of what led to the war in Iraq.
In his book, Schwarz explains that prior to June 26, 2001, “the Bush Administration put India and Iran on notice that he intended to use military force to attack and remove the Taliban from power.” The reasoning, according to Schwarz, was an attempt to “bully the Taliban into letting Unocal and those Saudi partners that have apparently been financing terrorism” to have the Trans-Caspian pipeline across Afghanistan.
Schwarz asks: “Did we just get preemptively attacked and they do not want us to know that? Or, did we attack ourselves so the attack on the Taliban was justified so Bush Buddies could get their oil deals and oil pipelines?”
The author says that Americans were kept in the dark.
“Can anyone recall any of them telling us about that $7.34 trillion oil deal or that pipeline that was so desperately needed? No?” said Schwarz.
In his book, Schwarz talks about the FBI’s lack of interest in capturing certain terrorists, the Administration’s propensity to act in secrecy and keep Americans in the dark, America’s poising itself for another attack, and contracts that make the rich richer and the poor poorer.
Schwarz provides substantial documentation about behind-the-scenes meetings and the “financial terrorists” who stand to gain as they worship the exploitation of oil.
“What I see is a nightmare that is slowly developing into a complete undermining of all I hold dear about this nation,” says Schwarz, speaking of those entrenched in the neo-conservative movement. “I am watching subrogation of power to the whims of wantonly greedy people and in that, a subjugation of the citizens of my nation.”
Schwarz, an architect by training, has extensive experience in investment banking, workouts, and advanced technology. He is the chairman CEO of COMMAXXESS, Inc. and I-nets Security Systems, Inc. He is also president CEO of a major nanotechnologies company currently planning the installation of major production facilities in Europe, Canada, and the United States.
A devout Christian, he is founder/CEO of multiple high technology companies involved in biomedicine, nanotechnology, photonics, hydrogen fuel cells, antiterrorism, UAV, carbon and boron nono-composites made possible by carbon nanotube breakthroughs, hyperspectral systems, and video search Knowledge Management software.
He writes in his book, “We have a President and Vice President with ‘oil on their brain’ to the extent they virtually let the oil industry (major campaign contributors) write the Bush Energy Policy. Never have I seen such a shameful display of pandering to the detriment of us all, and from that policy emerged a War Plan and a War Policy to pursue that greed and lust for power to absurd proportions.
“They do not want us to know what that Energy Task Force meeting was about, but within months we suffered 9/11, we attacked Afghanistan in an already ‘pre-packaged war plan’ and by February 2002 that big, essential unbilical cord pipeline they had to have to give birth to their Oil Kingdom in the Caspian is back in business.
“They do not want us to know about 9/11, and my instincts now say that is because they know we will see the truth and the public outrage will rise like never before in this land. This Bush Administration fears the American people and what their reactions will be when they come to know the truth. I now believe that is the underlying agenda of the Patriot Act, so that they may put down dissent from an outraged nation where we can all be defined as ‘Al Qaeda terrorist.’”
According to Schwarz, any benefits from the tax cuts provided by the Administration are wiped out with the cost that families and business must bear in fuel cost increases, whereby ultimately these tax cut revenues are going to oil interests as they plunder the nation.
After coming to the conclusion that soundbites that have been broadcast by the major news media simply have not added up, Schwarz began investigating in 2003 and was inundated with tips and information from investigators throughout the world who had the same concerns.
“It is all around me and here I am in the center with information,” he says in the book. “I am not afraid of Al Qaeda. I am afraid of who is behind all of this and why.
“I am becoming more convinced every day that God has me right here, right now for a reason. I can honestly say that I do not enjoy it nor do I like it. I not only know bits and pieces, I know many things that are missing pieces and facts from different directions that all lead and point to the center. A center that is a rotten core that no true American would take pride in or support.”
During an hour-long exclusive interview the day after President Bush’s The State of the Union Address with Iconoclast writer Nathan Diebenow, Schwarz encouraged Americans to snap out of the “Bush Mythology Bubble” and take a hard look at what is really going on in the nation.
“I did not like what I found,” he said. “You will not either, if you take the time to know the truth.”
Part 6 of Schwarz’s “Pop goes the Bush mythology bubble” series is currently available on Online Journal ( www.onlinejournal.com/Special_Reports/021205Schwarz/021205schwarz.html ), as well as his demand letter to U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan.


ICONOCLAST: Let’s start with your background. Where did you go to school? College?

SCHWARZ: University of Arkansas Architecture Department. I didn’t graduate. I went there from 1969-1972, going to school there year-round. I got my license in the early 1980s. They had what they called the “equivalency” where you worked two years for every year your didn’t go to school, so it’s a little bit longer to get your license. I got my license in 1981.

ICONOCLAST: Can you tell me about your nanotechnology business? How did you get started with that?

SCHWARZ: I was an arm’s length affiliated with Smith & Barney for about four years. What I did was find (special) properties and renegotiate the lease to get a higher credit rating, to get a lower financing rate, and what I would do is take that in and Smith & Barney would underwrite it all so I had the right to bid on some of them myself, and I did. After I left there, I teamed up with UUnet as their only global VAR (value added reseller). We were already involved in the R&D work before what they call “long-haul transmission” services to where you could go 3,000 km without a repeater. You could send signals a long way and we were also engaged in photonics. It was out of the photonics that we involved in nanotechnologies.

ICONOCLAST: Moving into politics, how was your political opinion shaped over time?

SCHWARZ: Well, let me see. By virtue of marriage, I had a stepfather who come into my life when I was 12. One of his uncles was Wilber D. Mills, a conservative Democrat from the state of Arkansas, who served 1939-1977 and wound up one of the most powerful people to ever Chairman the House Ways & Means Committee. Uncle Wilber is what we called him.
I am a conservative Democrat in my original votes. For example, I didn’t like Lyndon Johnson. He was too liberal for me. I definitely didn’t like Dick Nixon. I wasn’t really sure about Jimmy Carter, but about 1978-79, I started taking a real, hard look at what the Democrats stood for, where they were trying to take the party, and it was to me way too much of a affirmative action, you know, people having entitlements, and things I didn’t see in the Constitution.
I think people ought to work their way up as I say sometimes when I give speeches, “Equity is built through effort, and time is not built through the stroke of a pen.” You know, there’s a lot of people in our society that have gotten themselves ingrained in their minds, that everything has to be a matter of expediency, how fast they can make a million or a billion. That’s not what it’s all about. So I became a Republican in 1980 because of Bill Clinton.

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