ALERT: 9-11 was staged to take over the Caspain Basin oil

ALERT: 9-11 was staged to take over the Caspian Basin oil
Mon Feb 14, 2005 16:14

ALERT: 9-11 was staged to take over the Caspian Basin oil

Pop goes the Bush Mythology Bubble
Part 6: This world is led by 4-star clowns, liars and frauds

By Karl W. B. Schwarz
Online Journal Contributing Writer

February 12, 2005—According to several sources that knew him, the late Todd Engstrom was a key player in a post-9-11 payoff.

In addition to people coming forward with hard information about Todd Engstrom, a former Bridas Corporation person has come forward as well to fill in blanks and all things point to one thing: 9-11 was staged to take over the Caspian Basin oil and the pipeline needed to get that oil to the oceans. Since we do not play well with Iran, the pipelines and the oil and gas have to come across Afghanistan to get to the oceans.

Even the U.S. alleged problems in the Ukraine are tied to the Caspian Basin and the bogus glory of the BushLeague Oil Empire that thinks it can pull off this "oil scam and power grab" and dump the entire cost of acquisition, exploration and development and cost of security onto the backs of the U.S. taxpayers (and our fed up with Bush military). Yes, they are that stuck-on-stupid in BushLeague, and, no, more and more Americans are not buying their lies.

If you missed it, the Prime Minister of Georgia [former USSR state] was recently assassinated or conveniently wound up dead. Zurab Zhvania, 41 was a major thorn in the side of Bush Cabal members that wanted a pipeline from Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan across Georgia to the Black Sea because Zhvania was resisting the building of that pipeline. Mr. Zhvania was merely an obstacle in the path of New World Order progress and opening of new markets to line only certain pockets.

All over the world, impediments to BushLeague Oil Co are being eliminated in one manner or another. Some of the Neocons mouth off that "it is all about jobs," but in reality it is all about greed.

Mr. Engstrom was from Galva, Illinois, married, lived in Athens, Illinois, and worked for a Tennessee based company for a while. Survivors include his widow, 11-year-old son, and parents who still live in Illinois.

He was killed on the way to Balad, Iraq by an RPG attack on his vehicle. Admittedly, that is not unique as many Americans are dying in Iraq due to RPG attacks and even IEDs, but this one is quite different. Todd Engstrom was involved in something on September 11 and September 12, 2001, which imight be why he was killed. Read on and you will better understand.

EODT confirmed in a press release the latest deaths on Friday of Aaron Iversen, 38, and David Randolph, 33, during an insurgent attack on their military convoy near Baghdad.

Both were former Marines. Iversen was a Dallas native who lived in Marion, Ark., near Memphis with his wife and daughter. Randolph grew up near Greeneville, Tenn., and lived in Conway, S.C., with his wife and four children.

C. Roy Stauffer, senior minister at Lindenwood Christian Church in Memphis, knew Iverson and spoke to him about the dangers of his job. "We talked about death, we talked about faith," Stauffer told The Commercial Appeal newspaper. "He was trying to reconcile his faith with his fear of death."

"In September, another EODT employee, Todd Engstrom, 35, of Athens, Ill., was killed while traveling in a convoy on his way to Balad, Iraq. Engstrom, who had commanded a special-forces team for the United Nations in Kosovo between 2000 and 2002, headed security at a camp used by U.S. military and contractors near Fallujah.

Aaron Iversen, formerly of Dallas, TX is survived by wife Sandra and children, Victoria (Tori) and Matthew (Matt). Mr. Iversen served over10 years in the U.S. Marine Corps specializing in Aviation Maintenance and Ground Security Force. Mr. Iversen was hired by EODT in April of 2004 to provide security support in Iraq.

Prior to being in Iraq, Mr. Engstrom was involved in Kosovo with the Special Operations Group of UNMIK (United Nations Mission in Kosovo) police training work. He was part of something akin to a quasi-military SWAT team.

Currently stationed outside the continental United States, Todd is the Director of Training and an Operator for a United Nations Special Operations Group. This unit consists of 25 U. N. certified "high-risk" Operators from around the World. Their primary responsibilities include "high-risk" arrests of international criminals/terrorists and providing close protection for international war crime judges, prosecutors, witnesses, terrorist/war criminals and principals the U. N. deems as "high-risk".

Isn't it amazing they are never sent to arrest the war criminals that hired them?

Following his work in Kosovo, Mr. Engstrom was reportedly hired by Blackwater to provide security in Iraq to EOD Technology, Inc., a company based in Lenoir, Tenn., near Knoxville. Both Blackwater and EOD have done quite well under the Bush War Policy and Oil Policy.

Some time shortly after the attacks on 9-11-2001, a military (or CIA or private contractor like Evergreen or Blackwater) plane was loaded in Kosovo with a very large sum of money and that plane then flew to an airbase or airport probably in either Turkmenistan or Uzbekistan. From there, large crates of money were loaded into helicopters and flown into the northern areas of Afghanistan. Mr. Engstrom reported that to his relatives and said the military base appeared to be an old Russian military base; i.e. Afghanistan from the description. Mr. Engstrom was one of the guards sent along to protect that money and that post-9-11 payment.

Stop and think a minute—Kosovo is not exactly a world banking center and the likelihood that such a large sum of money was just laying around, all boxed up and ready to deliver to 9-11 doers, was probably not a "readily available item." That means someone had "foreknowledge," had already positioned the money in Kosovo, 9-11 happened and the shipment was then sent forth as planned. The delivery of that very large sum of money was made on September 12, 2001, according to Mr. Engstrom before he met his demise in Iraq.

Odds are his demise was planned and he probably did not see it coming. He knew too much, being involved in a flight of "questionable motive" that delivered a massive amount of U.S. dollars into Northern Afghanistan just hours after 9-11 happened. Just think about that for a moment: within hours they were already moving to attack Afghanistan before any verified information about who did the attack was in hand and the payoff money was already on its way.

In short, the goal was to attack Afghanistan and take out the Taliban and the Argentine-based Bridas Corporation, and take over the oil and gas pipeline right-of-way that was needed to get the oil and gas to market.

In short, 9-11 was the excuse to attack and, yes, ladies and gentlemen, it was planned and the US planned it. That Kosovo flight was not an Osama bin Laden operation. You can bet everything you have on that matter. Some of you might even get a mental image of a rattlesnake, biting itself. That is what 9-11 was.

It was an excuse for policies and actions that otherwise would not make sense or would not be condoned by the American public.

Now, bear in mind that a flight leaving Kosovo headed east would have flown over Romania and parts of the Ukraine, or if they swung further south, over Turkey and Azerbaijan. Figuring they took the direct route, since no one knew about the flight at the time, we have asked Russia and the Ukraine if they happened to have tracked this particular flight on the time and date in question. No response yet, but the question probably raised some eyebrows.

The northern part of Afghanistan has been controlled for years by General Rashid Dostum. He is an Uzbek that fought in the Russian-Afghanistan war on the side of the Russian Afghanistan Communist government. No mystery in that, since Uzbekistan is a former Russian state. He is an Uzbek, not an Afghani. Uzbekistan is a landlocked nation with oil and gas that also needs pipelines to get the oil and gas to the world markets.

If you read Parts I and II of this series of articles, Uzbekistan is also where Enron and Mayer Brown, Rowe & Maw (Richard Ben Veniste, 9-11 Commission member, senior partner of that law firm) shared an office in their planning to make huge amounts of money from the Caspian Basin oil and gas ventures, but they had to have pipelines to get the oil and gas out of that region of the world.

Where is gets interesting is that both the Taliban and General Rashid Dostum had signed agreements with Bridas Corporation to allow the building of a crucial pipeline across Afghanistan, and George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush and their greedy Big Oil buddies wanted control of that pipeline. On 9-11-2001, the Turkmenistan government had been flipped and was backing U.S. interests over Argentina-based Bridas Corporation, and the Bhutto government in Pakistan had been overthrown and it had also signed agreements with Bridas Corporation that were suddenly useless. The last remaining obstacle was the Taliban and Bridas Corporation.

That is a fact and it is undisputed.

My bet is the thought of joint venturing with Bridas Corporation never entered their minds but then such would have affected the "bottom line" of the Bush Junta buddies and massive amounts of cash would have flowed to Bridas and Argentina. Why joint venture with anyone when they can wage a bogus war and take over all of the oil and gas and the pipeline right-of-way?

The last remaining obstacle was to get the Taliban / Bridas Corporation removed so U.S. interests could take over the pipeline that was needed to get the landlocked Caspian Basin oil to the sea for shipment around the world. The triggering event for that to happen was 9-11 so the American public would condone the use of force against Afghanistan. They are even working on routes to take the Caspian oil out through the former Russian states of Georgia and the Ukraine as pipeline routes to Europe and the Black Sea.

But, back up a minute—they did not bother to tell any of us that there was a huge payoff to General Rashid Dostum or someone else in Northern Afghanistan the day after 9-11. That is very important, so remember it. That is in all probability a "prosecutorial fact" in this endless stream of lies from Bush and DC. The Bush administration has not been forthcoming with those facts and neither has the 9-11 Omission Commission. There are members who sat on that 9-11 Commission that are directly benefiting from what you are reading here. Parts I and II of Pop Goes the Bush Mythology Bubble [see links below] addressed those conflicts of interest in detail.

When one is involved in a truth movement and making it clear to all that his only interest is the truth regarding 9-11, pieces of potential evidence show up from the most unlikely places, as happened on November 21, 2004:

Mr. Schwarz:

This comes from a friend of mine who worked with the late gentleman's wife. I think that after I tell you this, you will appreciate my reasons for guardedness. This story was relayed by Mr. Engstrom's widow:

Mr. Engstrom, while a member of the SpecOps unit of UNMIK Police, was ordered on a mission. Said mission took place 12 Sept. 2001. At least that is when they jumped off, in full battle gear. They were loaded into windowless planes, along with people they had never seen before, as well as shipping crates. They were flown to a location where they were loaded into helicopters. The helicopters were also "blacked out" so the occupants of the cabin could not see outside. They landed in what Mr. Engstrom described as a base built into the side of a mountain. A very large base. They deplaned and unloaded. At that point they were met by people with features that were consistent with those who occupy the Middle East. Upon unloading the crates, the unknown personnel opened the crates. In the crates were, as Mr. Engstrom described it: "Huge amounts of money". The money was transferred to the possession of the indigenous personnel. On 12 Sept 2001.

3. Who else was involved - were these CIA or DoD? UNMIK?

There was his UNMIK Colleagues. He reported to his wife, and she reported to my friend, that he did not know who the others were. Need to know and all that. He was just a shooter. Nothing more.

4. Estimate of how much?

A huge amount.

5. Do they think he was killed to silence regarding 9-11?

Hard to say. That said, if you were going to silence someone like him, with that potential knowledge, where better than Iraq? How better than an RPG?

6. Who was he working for? That would help in identifying who might have done it. Most of the IEDs are not insurgents, they are Mossad or US. Most UN work is contracted out.

UNMIK was his employer, as he put it. On the other hand, he reported he did not know who the principals were on this mission.

7. What was he doing in Iraq and working for whom?


For those readers that caught my recent piece exposing Bechtel and Jock Covey, take note that Covey was in fact in Kosovo with the UN mission (as Number 2 in Kosovo, so somewhat in charge of many things) and so was Todd Engstrom, who we now know was sent on a special payoff mission right after 9-11 happened. Furthermore, we have hard facts to show that Todd Engstrom was in fact with UNMIK on the date in question so this payoff flight probably originated in Kosovo or nearby. UNMIK, Kosovo, Engstrom and a post-9-11 payoff are facts and information that have been withheld from all of us and it will not be hard to find out why through a grand jury.

It might be interesting to follow exactly how Jock Covey went from #2 in Kosovo to head of corporate communications for Bechtel, since Bechtel stands to line up many major projects as a result of this bogus Bush "Global War on Terror" (GWOT) and its underlying power grab for oil—electrical generation plants powered by natural gas of course (GE makes those), and other key expenditures are wrapped up around this bogus GWOT. Go back far enough and one finds that Jock Covey was a Kissinger associate in years past and that ties back to 9-11 Commission Vice Chairman Lee Hamilton and the Wilson Center he heads.

If you missed Part 4: More reasons to not investigate 9-11, Canadian sources informed that MacDonald Detwiler & Associates ["MDA"] were doing GIS mapping in New York that would have been needed to launch a "shock and awe" attack on the WTC with exacting [read excruciating] accuracy and was also the firm that developed the software used in "Red Team Canada–Blue Team USA" war games in jet fighters. It was that same war games program that was "in use" on 9-11 and NORAD failed to scramble jet fighters. Mr. John F. Lehman, 9-11 Commission member, was involved in a takeover attempt to acquire MDA shortly before 9-11, as Racal Instruments, a takeover target that was partially owned by J. F. Lehman & Company. Hmm.

Then we have the Clinton influence peddlers trying to get the deal for Unocal [March 1996: U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan, Tom Simmons, urges Bhutto to give exclusive rights to Unocal. Bhutto offended and demands apology.] By 1995 Bridas had hammered out a deal with the Taliban and Uzbek General Rashid Dostum to build the pipeline and by 1996 had to file the "interference of contract" lawsuit against Unocal in Texas when they started getting jerked around in Turkmenistan. Turkmenistan is one end of this pipeline, Pakistan the other end and in the middle is Afghanistan (Taliban and Bridas Corporation). That middle piece was, in a word, crucial.

Hot of the Presses March 22, 2004:

Bridas's $495 Mln Award in Turkmenistan Dispute Left Intact
2004-03-22 10:23 (New York)
Bridas's $495 Mln Award in Turkmenistan Dispute Left Intact
By Laurie Asseo

March 22 (Bloomberg)—The U.S. Supreme Court let stand a $495 million arbitration award to Argentina's Bridas Corp."

It took years for justice to reign, but Bridas

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