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Sun Jan 28, 2007 19:54

"ALL" Congressional branches serve a foreign power, and that foreign power is not in anyone's interest. One must read on to know the true nature of that power themselves.

All Zionists and Wahabbi muslims serve the Order....

"The Order of Saint John" has gone by many names, today commonly known as the Jesuit society.

"The next one to come out is Bill "Fight for Truth" Daniel. His story is below along with supporting evidence to flesh out his story in its entirety.
" I am a 53 yo Navy Vietnam veteran. I got blinded in my right eye there and they RIF'd me out in '73. I started going to the VA Med center in '74 for infections that kept recurring in the eye, and sometimes it would get the left involved. At the time I was rated at 10 %. After the 3rd year, someone told me to go get re-reted and indeed, I was 'awarded' 30%.

Eventually, I went blind in my left eye about '79. So I got !00% I did the white stick thing about 3 years and then I regained some sight in my left. Sympathetic blindness, they called it. But I don't know. I still have a good deal of trouble with it and I'm currently rated 90$ Which is not too bad because I try to live beneath my means always.

But ALL went to hell last year. When Meizhen's letter for an interview did not show up as expected, "Another 2 to 4 months, Mr Daniel" I had a stroke. Stress with all the other stressors I had going on. I had re-designed my house, and did not know I was dealing with a predatory Mortgage company. I'd never even HEARD of such a thing 'til it bit my ass.
When I got the receipt notice from 'Homeland Security' back in March of '06, I thot all was well and the process was a done deal. It wasn't until June when I was told that my check had bounced. I IMMEDIATELY replacxed the fee. and thought it was back on track. Oh,no.... seems that I/we were put in back of the queqe. According to them, I needed to sit on my thumbs for another 4 to 6 months. In the meantime, I'm suffering the after-effects of the stroke and am getting NO help. United way, Red Cross, VA or my church.
T date I have NO substantive help from anyone. I've Had people pick me up and brush me off...literally Family friends whomever.

I am trying to send a copy of the applicationapproval. Should be soon. Right now it's me and the house I lost

Bill Daniel"
Bill Daniel brushed up against the same corrupt system, that wants to take his family away. Corrupt doctors allied with the same corrupt lawyers, who are serving the Attorney. And the Attorney serves the BAR. And the code of the BAR serves no one but the Jesuits, and the Judges who are servants to the Jesuits, their Church, and their Nobility . It has never served anyone else. Bill Daniel is for the first time, discovering Common Law.
If you can do anything, please contact immediately or send to
Bill Daniel
P.O. Box 712
Winterville, Georgia 30683
Make subject: "Donation: Living Support" to support their family's cause. Thank you for any help you are able. We will keep these postings regularly updated. "

Jeff Fisher and Friends expose "The Straights" also called Drug Free America, and its election theft, brainwashing operation.


We pray for the victims of Mel Sembler's wickedness to have justice one day soon, and his Jesuit controlled church programs to be stopped. If you have a story to tell, email us or
Whistleblower Greg Pound, exposes the occult-satanic evil going on in DCF (Department of Children & Families) and how his kids were dissapeared. Department of Children & Families is controlled by Drug Free America.
To help our cause, please send Check or Money order on behalf of Legal battles and living costs to the following:
Jeff Fisher
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