Roger Rancor
WAR-CRIMES against Innocent Children are demonic!
Thu Jan 25, 2007 15:58

The most revolting type of crimes that exist, are crimes against the innocent children of the country.

U.S. MILITARY, Joint Chiefs who read this, and knows of the unfathomable evidence of treason committed by Cardinal "Joe" Egan, Dr Miller Newton aka Father Cassian, Doctor Richard Katon, Robert Dupont Junior and Mel Sembler should take action.

WHOMEVER still honors the oath, should remove and arrest Mel Sembler for high-crimes and sponsored torture against the war-crimes act. Intentionally done against students, immigrants, and others into the year 2000 to wit:

Allegations of abuse and kidnapping, should be fully investigated by an outside august body that is not influenced by the Roman Catholic Church.

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