The Investigative Journal
Reports Oklahoma Bomber Tim McVeigh - Execution staged
Thu Jan 25, 2007 17:22


Eye Witness to Timothy McVeigh's Execution 04:24

AvenueOfLight  wrote:

The Investigative Journal
Host Greg Szymanski Interviews John Peeler,
Former Assassin With the FBI - Reports Oklahoma Bomber Tim McVeigh
Still Alive & Living In South America. Execution staged. 9-11 Also Rigged.


Note: At the time of his alleged execution, I also suspected McVeigh was given a deal and new identity for his part in the Oklahoma bombing. South America sounds about right, maybe even Paraguay, where Bush has purchased a large parcel of land - Over 90,000 acres I understand. When things begin to unravel events are going to move fast, so get ready folks. Just about time to tuck your golf clubs away and turn off the set. The fog is beginning to lift.

"There is no hour nor day when evil may not enter upon the land, there is no bar against it, except for a large resolute breed of men." [American Poet Walt Whitman]


Execution Eye Witness - Susan Carlson, Media Witness: 4 min. 27 sec. "he appeared to be still breathing or what appeared to be shallow breathing, even after being pronounced dead and his eyes remained open".
Windows Media Player) - See and hear this first. Execution Eye Witness

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