Man holed up in home after tax verdict
Thu Jan 18, 2007 23:52

Man holed up in home after tax verdict

By PHILIP ELLIOTT, Associated Press Writer 2 hours, 23 minutes ago

CONCORD, N.H. - A man who holed up in his house with armed supporters while being tried on tax evasion charges was convicted Thursday, along with his wife, of failing to pay federal income taxes for a decade.

Ed Brown has said he will defend himself against capture if necessary.U.S. Marshal Stephen Monier said Thursday that members of his staff continued talking by telephone with Brown and had no plans to confront him. Brown said he expected federal agents to swarm his property soon."Live free or die," he said in a telephone interview, quoting New Hampshire's motto. "What else can I say?"Ed Brown's wife, Elaine, a dentist who earned most of the couple's income, has been staying with a son in Massachusetts and attended the trial.The Browns, of Plainfield, contend they are not required to pay federal income tax. They stopped paying income taxes in 1996 and stopped filing returns in 1998, a prosecutor said. They could each face decades in prison; the government says they owe more than $625,000.Elaine Brown testified about her research that led to her believe she did not need to pay taxes. Reading excerpts from the Constitution, Supreme Court decisions and other sources, she said ordinary labor, such as the work she performed at her dental practice, could not be taxed.Courts have routinely rejected similar claims by other taxpayers.Marshals now have to consider how to seize the Browns' assets. The jury was deliberating whether the Browns should lose their home.Ed Brown stopped attending court midway through the trial, which began Jan. 9. His wife remains out on bail pending the couple's April 24 sentencing; she has said she loves her husband, but that his way of handling the case is not hers.A man who answered the telephone at the Browns' house Thursday afternoon said Ed Brown could not come to the phone, but had expected a guilty verdict."He's here at the house, and he's not leaving of his own free will," said the man, who identified himself only as Bernie.Ed Brown, a retired exterminator, has said he stayed home to protest a system that had already convicted him."Most Americans would cower and cringe and raise their hands and surrender like a good little slave," he told reporters at his home this week."I won't. Under no circumstances. I do not tolerate cowardliness, oppression, bulliness, and I certainly don't tolerate a federal agency that has absolutely zero jurisdiction in my state, never mind in my county, in my town."

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Subject: RUMOR: "The IRS seems to have disappeared from Washington, D.C." (see attached .doc MS WORD file)
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2007 19:44:13 -0800 (PST)
From: Supreme Law Firm

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with one sentence per paragraph, for easier reading on monitors:]

2. The IRS seems to have disappeared from Washington, D.C.

There are some "strong" rumors coming to us today that some very major things are going to begin to happen in our country (and around the world) starting possibly as early as tomorrow.

These "may" be rumors or they may not be -- only time will tell.

Our researcher just got back from Washington ,D.C., and he confirmed that the IRS has ved out of 1111 Constitutional Avenue and only security police are there.

Empty building.

See his post below and I stand behind his report 100%.

I posted this new info so people would be aware of this, so to take precautionary measures.

As far as in D.C. at our researcher’s report you can call me and I will play it for you.

We were as shocked as everyone el.

We sure did not pay for a plane ticket, hotel lodging, food, cab fare and everything else for him to go there and not get what he was sent there to photocopy out of the Archives.

Al Riley with the South Dakota Moderator was on that call and you can contact him and he will verify this.

Folks until it happens it is "speculation" -- but I'm sending this for a heads up "just in case" -- so you won't be entirely surprised and you'l know it has been carefully planned out for a long long time.

Actually at least some of this was supposed to have taken place in May of 2000 when the bill for this was signed into place.

NOTE: Some folks for several years have called something similar to this NESARA -- whether this is really that I don't really know -- but these changes are to start here in the U.S. and will affect the entire world.

As far as this other info herein, it is not directly coming om our source, so I expressed caution.

I am like every one else in a holding pattern, but we will take prudent counter measures.

We do not have any further info at this time.

If the banks start closing that might be an indication or it might not be, I do not know.

Time will tell.


Our researcher’s earlier post on D.C. Lock Down:

To all good day, I just returned from Wash., D.C., were all of the government buildings were in a lock down mode unless one had an appointment prior to attempting to go into the building.

Before I went to Wash., D.C. I attempted to set various appointments with various federal departments and services, all I was able to get was recordings to leave my name and telephone number so they could call me back, which I did and I never received any return calls, so I got on a plane and went to D.C.

When I got to D.C. I went to 1111 Constitution Ave. which is the address for the National Office of the IRS to find that the IRS has vacated the building and the security guards claimed they had no knowledge were the IRS departments had moved, so I went to the POD of the IRS on 5th street in D.C. which is across town.

There I spoke with customer service which had no knowledge of were the IRS on Constitution Ave. had moved or were I might find the National Disclosure Officer, when leaving the IRS building on 5th street I overheard a man from the IRS collections speaking to an individual, so I waited until he was done and asked him for help in locating the National Disclosure Officer since they were no longer at the Constitution Ave. site.

He attempted to help me locate the National Disclosure Officer but could not find the new location of the NDO, so he called upstairs to a lady that came down to assist in locating the NDO, after coming down stairs to see exactly what I needed she went back upstairs to find the information for me, after about 30 minutes she came down and gave me an address in Baltimore, Maryland, claiming that if I were to go there I would be able to see the NDO, so I went by train to Baltimore as directed.

Upon arrival I walked over to the IRS office (over a 3 mile walk in 29 degree weather), to find on arrival that the only office that I could see was the Taxpayer Assistant Office, which denied me access to the NDO and claimed the NDO was no in the building, but was in Washington, D.C.

So, then I went back to D.C. were I attempted to see the Sec. of the Treasury for assistance in locating the NDO, but the Sec. of the Treas. seems to be out of town and no one would allow me to enter the building were the Sec. of the Treasury resides, they have an iron fence over 7 feet tall stopping the public from entering unless you have a prior appointment.

So on day two I was told by an individual at the hotel I stayed at that they knew of an IRS building in New Castleton, Maryland, that a friend of theirs works that is a National Office that responses to all FOIA and Privacy Act Requests and that maybe if I were to go there I might get what I was needing, it was late in the day so I decided on day three to get on a train and go to the New Castleton office of the IRS.

Upon arriving I went to the IRS building to find as I approached the building two pillars in front to the building just like the Masonic hands we all have seen the right hand cupped and pointing to the sky, and the left hand with the index finger pointing to the sky, they were about 30-40 feet apart, and in the middle back about 40 feet was a 10 foot high pyramid.

Kindest regards,


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Subject: The IRS seems to have disappeared,, Gold Debts Money Etc.

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This is a two part email. Please see attached word document.

Part one 1. Is The: Gold, Debts, Money, Happiness, Work, Business, Satisfaction Etc.

Part two 2. Is The: The IRS seems to have disappeared from Washington DC


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