Electrotherapy Cures for cancer since 1776!
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Electrotherapy Cures for cancer since 1776!

Electrotherapy Cures for cancer since 1776!
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Date: Tue Jan 16, 2007 11:03 am ((PST))

Today (January 16, 2007), I received a letter from Dr. John Holt
giving me some further comments on the history of electrotherapy
used to treat cancer. The following is a direct quote from one of
several papers I received from him.

"When I started the radio-wave sensitisation, I searched the
literature + I enclose my first summary of cancer's electrical
nature and how it has been cured for exactly 230 years using
lightning! + 111 years using an electric current!

Rife, I believe was looking at Mitochondria (Aerobic Glycolysis)
of glucose.

Cancer = defective mitochondrial bodies which Rife described!

Its all in the literature of the modern "physics factory workers"
ever bothered to look:

Lord Rutherford's description of "Scientists"

The first concerned a woman in Ireland, who developed a hard scirrhus
cancer of the breast which had resisted all treatment. (Eason 1776)

She accidentally received a blow from lightning as she stood at the
window during a severe thunderstorm. It "set fire to the thatch roof,
forced the chimney piece from the wall and raised carpet from the
floor, striking the patient on the left shoulder, across the diseased
breast and down her back, burning her nightgown slightly".

She remained paralyzed for hours then recovered. Within two days the
breast tumor had softened and diminished in size. Shortly thereafter
it disappeared. The author then stated. "Since lightning and
electricity are of the same nature, should we not be encouraged to
try ye electric shock against indurated swelling glands? And may it
not serve at least to assist other remedies when the case is

The second case in 1880, was a farmer in England who had an untreated
cancer of the lip and chin. It was to be surgically removed but just
before this was to occur he was struck by lightning while ploughing.
Both horses were killed. The man was carried home unconscious.
Thereafter he was greatly prostrated, a burn having occurred beneath
his belt buckle. He soon recovered. "... what seems to be the most
astonishing feature of this case is the healing process which was
set up in the lip and chin, soon after the accident. The cancer
lessened and in a few weeks every trace of the diseased structure
disappeared". He remained entirely well for 10 years.

In 1896, 120 years after Eason suggested trying "electricity" to treat
inoperable breast cancers, Reading of Philadelphia reported his
experiences in patients who had all refused mastectomy. He used
frequent and long continued "electropunctures" on the lesions
(15-20 milliamperes for 10 minutes each). The tumors became inflamed
by suppuration and there was complete recovery.

John Holt's son asked the Oxford University to search for more
similar studies on his behalf.

Nothing new under the sun! Since 1896 the Americans (Dr. Reading)
knew how to cure cancer with electricity!!! All I have done is
discover that the 434 MHz chosen by a fling of 3 dice by the Radio
Society of GB + the European Radio Societies in 1946 caused cancer to
resonate + re radiate a HIGHER frequency than shone on it.

Jan 11, 2007 John Holt"

The other documents he sent me have been scanned and uploaded to the
Rife Forum and can be seen here:

To learn more about Dr. Holt's therapy for treating cancer over more
than 35 years, please see the special section on Dr. Holt to be found
on the Rife Forum http://www.rifeforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=877



Health, Hope, Joy & Healing :
May you Prosper, even as your Soul Prospers 3John 2

Jennifer Ruby

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