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1/17/07 "The Charles Goyette Show: KNFX 1100 AM Phx AZ
What kind of future weapons are in the planning....
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1/17/07 "The Charles Goyette Show: KNFX 1100 AM Phx AZ
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1/17/07 "The Charles Goyette Show: KNFX 1100 AM Phx AZ
Re: Richard Pearl.... is happy in South France
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9/11 News : http://www.tvnewslies.org/news/#911

9/11 Investigation Initiative - A truly independent investigation
must be of the people, by the people and for the people. It must be
conducted in the full light of day, with nothing hidden, and nothing
held back. Secrets are for those who have something to hide!
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Barack Obama on the Issues


Ron Paul for 2008?
All too often our columns trade in bad news! I’m sure I’ve given past readers a few sleepless nights. It is my pleasure this go around to deliver some good news! Some very good news!
According to an Associated Press report released late last week, Dr. Ron Paul (R-Tx) is contemplating a run for the presidency in 2008. He has filed papers in Texas allowing him to form an exploratory committee that can raise money.......
by Professor Steven Yates

240,000 Illegal Alien Sex Offenders in The U.S.
If ever there was an argument for building a border fence, this is it. But other than two stories on WorldNetDaily, generated by an appearance on CNN, we haven't found any coverage of these extraordinary statistics. Yet, as reported by Wes Vernon in a new AIM Report, the Bush Administration is embarked on a controversial and secretive plan to effectively erase U.S. borders and establish a North American Union to facilitate the flow of people and goods from Mexico into the U.S......
by Andy Selepak

When Beating up on 'Deadbeat Dads' is Unfair
By federal law, child support orders cannot be retroactively modified, no matter how mistaken, misguided or ridiculous. Even men who fell behind on their child support because they had heart attacks, broken legs or cancer cannot have their arrearages eliminated. And much of the arrearages owed by Abbott’s “Top 10” accrued before 2002, when Texas charged obligors 12% interest, one of the highest interest rates in the country......
by Jeffrey Leving and Glenn Sacks

Witches of the West
Although outrageous, it is hardly surprising that Senator Barbara Boxer sank to a new low by dinging Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for being a childless woman. If only Boxer’s parents had made the same choice… Notwithstanding obvious policy and philosophic differences between Boxer and Rice, Boxer’s breathtakingly offensive and tasteless comments to Dr. Rice establish a new low for a party which seems to revel in frothing madness......
by Geoff Metcalf

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