"M.L. King Murder A Government Plot,"

"M.L. King Murder A Government Plot,"
Sat Jan 15, 2005 23:04

"M.L. King Murder A Government Plot,"
Says Former CIA Participant. "I was part of it."
"Raoul" Identified as FBI Agent

by Pat Shannan

New evidence has surfaced in the 1968 Martin Luther King murder case. It is supplied by an "insider" who claims to have been part of a "hit team" that had come out of the "Missouri Mafia" headquartered in the town of Caruthersville, a small town in the bootheel section of that state. In a yet-to-be-published book, former County Deputy Jim Green reveals his assigned role in the conspiracy, the name of the actual trigger man, and the long-suspected involvement of J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI. Green also believes that he possesses the actual murder weapon, which he personally secreted away only hours after the murder.


Pat Shannan's series of assassination stories began as a "Musings" column which provoked so much public interest that he launched a series of articles that is not yet completed and will continue to expand. "The older generation has forgotten most of the details and the younger folks never heard them," says he. The following series provides stimulating reading for anyone from either group who has wondered about the veracity of the generally accepted "facts" of history.


One of James Earl Ray's brothers has now come forward with information corroborating the FBI's cooperation in James' escape as well as the Chicago mob's participation in the assassination, under the direction of Sam Giancano. John Ray admits that it was he who picked up his brother after his 1967 "escape" in the bread truck and drove him to a safe house in East St. Louis.

Lyndon Barston's detailed research shows powerful evidence implicating the FBI with complicity in a CIA plot.

1] In late 1964, the FBI had tried to get Dr. King to commit suicide prior to his departing to Europe to claim his Nobel Peace Prize. This was accomplished by sending an alleged surveillance tape of Dr. King in an extra-marital sexual relation to the SCLC with a letter warning that all would become public if Dr. King didn't kill himself prior to his collecting his Nobel Prize.

2] Lab work relating to the murder of Dr. King at FBI Headquarters was dreadfully inadequate. The Remington 30.06 rifle purchased by Ray in Birmingham and deposited at the scene of the crime was not even swabbed to see if it had been fired! Today it still remains as the "official" murder weapon of the MURKIN case. Yet, for some reason, this test was run on even the rifle James Earl Ray had returned to Aeromarine Supply in Birmingham in exchange for the Remington prior to the murder!

3] Atlanta FBI informant, J. C. Hardin, is documented in the MURKIN file as contacting James Earl Ray in Los Angeles just prior to Ray's packing up and heading east to Atlanta and Memphis.

4] On the 29th of March, the FBI, through its "friendly" press contacts, placed Dr. King in the open and insecure Lorraine Motel by criticizing him in the press for patronizing "white owned Hotels."

5] Journalist Louis Lomax who later died in a mysterious car crash, was investigating Dr. King's death when visited by two FBI men who instructed him to abruptly end the series of fruitful articles he was producing for the N. A. N. A. Louis Lomax, described as being "no good" in an FBI memo (HQ 44-38861-3196); was a highly respected journalist. It was Lomax who uncovered the deception of the false fingerprints sent out by JeffCity for escaped prisoner James Earl Ray. This strongly suggests the duplicity of both state and federal agencies in the ploy.

The Intelligence Community's relationship with the mob and union racketeers, as described by Jim Green, is highly documented in the post-World War II era. Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana often described the CIA and his organization as "two sides of the same coin."

Blood and Dishonor on a Badge of Honor will be published later this year. Limited copies of Tennessee Waltz by James Earl Ray are still available from Pastoral Business, POB 3252, Santa Monica, Calif. 90408.

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