URGENT - WACO may be revisited - in New Hampshire ???
Sat Jan 13, 2007 17:38

Subject: Fw: URGENT - WACO may be revisited - in New Hampshire ??? - NEED YOUR HELP
From: "Outlaws Legal Service" counsel-mf@outlawslegal.com
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2007 13:35:02 -0600
To: hipa@earthlink.net, "Lonnie Hisel" msranger@mo-net.com, "Sadie Watson" sadie_watson@yahoo.com, "Nelson Grossley" nelsong777@hotmail.com, "marcus reish" chocolatemonk2@yahoo.com, "jim johnson" gititdone_donegotit@yahoo.com, "Ira Holborn" iraholborn@core.com, "Harold Long" haroldlong@earthlink.net, DRobin8007@aol.com, "Bob Maki" smaki1@ipa.net, Bearowl@aol.com

Can anyone - will anyone???

Please help me get this firsthand email and attachments - information to the news media.

Good peoples lives depend upon it.

Michael Frost

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From: Edward l. Brown
Sent: Saturday, January 13, 2007 10:28 AM
Subject: Fire fight

Hi Michael,

Looks like they will not deal with us and that they will come in with guns blazing this weekend to drag the Browns into court by Tuesday morning.

They might cut the phone line at any time so we would lose the phone and the internet and most of our communication.

Please send out copies of our proposal to all news groups or activists that you know of -- as we feel that our best defense now is publicity and letting the world know that this is not a fair trial.

I have attached a local newspaper report for you to read -- send it out also.

Hope to see you again -- but this looks like it "might" turn into another Waco and we may be burned out or killed.

At least I will get warm .................


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