Remo Conscious - We Know - 9/11
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Remo Conscious - We Know - 9/11

Greetings TCN readers and/or otherwise:
Remo Conscious has a new album called 'Infiltration.' One of the songs on the album is titled 'We Know.' The song 'We Know' tells lots about the 'truth' of what happened on the morning of September 11th, 2001. Pass this song around in your circles of friends that you know. I've always said that the 'truth will out in time' and the youth are our last, best hope to spread the truth through 'viral marketing' - that is by word-of-mouth and by email. Bravo to the youth for networking 'truthiness' instead of accepting the lies, deceit and deception offered by MSM (Main Stream Media).
That's two new albums this week. Andy Medforth just released Neu World Order 2 and it is available at his website along with Neu World Order 1. Andy's website is:

The song 'We Know' is posted at You Tube:

Remo also features it on the front page of his website:

The lyrics are posted at this website:

We Know
Written by Remo Conscious
Music by Remo Conscious


We all know where you're going
we know that you're out there
You can't hide forever
We know that you're out there

Verse 1

It was a September morning when America was tricked
By sick men with strict plans to create conflict
And get rich by any means even if it meant death
For innocent civilians, the stage was set
For a New American Century where world domination
Is motivation enough for the towers cremation
Complete obliteration, for all to see
A public execution on live TV
Programmed to strike fear in the young and old
Who naively trade freedom for government control
Thinking the system will keep 'em safe from terror
But truth is they're the killers and the pallbearers
The masters of deception are running the globe
They lack souls sold our sons and daughters for black gold
In full attack mode, it's the final push
What the Reichstag was for Hitler 9/11 is for Bush


Think Operation Northwood's 62
Evidence there's no limit to the evil they'll do
They planned to blow up planes and blame it on Cuba
This ain't conspiracy theory or a rumor
So why would it be difficult to believe?
That these parasitical thieves live just like fleas
Surviving off the blood of murdered civilians
Then smile and praise Jesus like schizo chameleons
This ain't a war on terror it's a war on truth
I'll believe Osama did it when you show me the proof
Those who could of make it happen worked on the inside
Who called Willie Browne and warned him not to fly
This was domestic terrorism at the highest level
Bush, Cheyney, Rumsfeld in league with the devil
Boeing, Unocal, Halliburton and more
Corporate mercenaries benefiting from war



And we know what you did
And we know what you did

Verse 3

As for you puppet journalists who spew fiction as fact
And bury lies Bush told to invade Iraq
and Afghanistan you're a part of the scam
That allows the carnage of child woman and man
The 9/11 commissions rendition of truth is fiction
Tower 7 ain't mentioned why the omission
Of it's controlled demolition, Silverstone said "pull it"
There's more spin on your book than that magic bullet
>From Pennsylvania to the lawn of the Pentagon,
The con's on, you sent pawns with fangs drawn like pythons
And spawned another Saigon for cash
Oil profits soar as rockets crash
It was a high rise genocide, planed from the inside
NORAD let it fly
Bush-Qaeda, ISI
Got the world terrorized,
your lies don't justify globalize homicide

A bit about Remo Conscious:

Rising from Oakland, California, this golden-era inspired hip-hop artist has refused to bow down to the corporate slave traders dominating todays music business, choosing instead to embrace hip-hop as a lifestyle rather than just a commercial commodity. This gifted lyricist and producer knows how to move the crowd while speaking truths about extremely controversial political and social issues.

In 2003, REMO dropped the hard-hitting anti-Bush, pre-Iraq invasion 12" single "Down to the Wire" backed with "Let Me Live". These songs harshly criticized the Bush regime, police corruption, and U.S. Imperialism, and quickly gained worldwide attention. He followed with "Thought Criminal: Journal of a Serial Thinker", a limited pressing 6 song EP which further revealed the creative stamina and genius of this multi-talented artist and secured his position in the world of respected Rap Artists.

His latest effort, Infiltration, is a 13-track roller coaster ride of politics, lyrical bravado, and straight up MC skills. Featuring "Lies" and "We Know" as heard in the film "Loose Change", as well as many more sure-fire brain sparkers. Producers who worked on this album include Donnan Linkz (Embedded Music/Uncle Howie Records), Seth Spins, Adamatic (Bomb Hip-Hop Records), and DigDug (Agartha Audio).

Coming from humble beginnings, and with modest means, REMO has hit his stride. From his modest studio in Oakland, California he continues to perfect his craft, bring his musical visions to life, and create powerful and truthful music for the heart, mind and soul.

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