Bruce Springsteen: Song "Bring 'em Home"

Bruce Springsteen: Song "Bring 'em Home"
Tue Jan 9, 2007 18:00

Bruce Springsteen: Song "Bring 'em Home"


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The kid was not clear and Nico won a round. I am a perp to you because I have untold dozens of friends who were there and saw what looked like planes. You your self have said that if that IS the case you will switch your hypothesis to holograms.

This makes you seem a little more honest but the fact that you vacillate on the facts and cannot find witness's your self makes you a partial fraud and an abrasive mad genius.

You do not count. Only information and the common good and survival of ideas friends, family and all good people. YES. Good vs Evil not geeks vs ego.





[JR: Looks like Tom Heneghan is the single source for this information???]


October 2, 2006

By Tom Heneghan,

It can now be reported this morning that a U.S. Justice Dept. warrant and an Interpol Red Notice has been issued for Israeli Mossad agent Jacob Coby Alexander. Alexander linked to the noted Urban Moving Systems/Odigo Mossad Group which operated in the New Jersey, New York area pre-9/11.

Fact Not Fiction: An SEC case issued against Alexander (Docket 19796 Aug.9/06) has accused Alexander of backdating Put Options on United Airlines and American Airlines. Alexander has also been accused of using his company Odigo, an Israeli espionage operation, for the purpose of making these illegal trades.

Odigo has a direct relationship with the NSA. The SEC has now fingered Alexander in wiring 57 million dollars to Israel, two weeks after 9-11.

It can also be reported that within two weeks after the 9-11 Attack on America, that Odigo was taken over by Converse Technology, and it was during this takeover period that the backdating of the Put Options took place.

And of course it gets worse.

It can now be reported that the funding for this financial Black Op was coordinated with noted Mossad lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his stooge, outed homosexual Congressman from the State of Florida, Mark Foley.

Again, the General Counsel of Islamic Banks, Sun Cruz Casino, 9-11, Florida-Gate 2000 dots now connected. Walt Disney-Mickey Mouse also benefited substantially from this financial pre-9-11 trickery.

And of course it was ABC/Mickey Mouse and Michael Eisner, that were directly connected to the bribery and overthrow of the Year 2000 Election in the State of Florida.

It should be noted that Former Republican Congressman Mark Foley was the benefactor of large campaign contributions from the noted 9-11 Cruise Ship Sun Cruz Casino. Again Foley not only a pedophile but a bagman.

How Dare You? You Tyrants and Conspiratorial Kings!

Furthermore, Bob ONI Woodward's book on the Iraq War also connects the dots on 9/11.

Hey Bob I'm glad you have enjoyed reading our website over the years.

As you know, it was Cloak and Dagger that first reported the French Intelligence warning to America.

Specifically, the July 10, 2001 French warning to George Tenet and the U.S. State Dept. of an impending attack on American soil was about to occur and that the U.S. NSA had been compromised in this treason. Reference WD-199, the French intercept of the British treason cable.

So it is no surprise that Con-Artist Rice ignored the warning of not only George Tenet, and the U.S. State Dept. aka the intercepts they received from French Intelligence, since Con-Artist Rice was the head of the compromised NSA.

Again folks reference WD-199.

To make matters worse, French Intelligence warned America on Sept. 10, 2001 that the Mohammed Atta cells were activated and compromised with elements of Israeli and British Intelligence and that an attack would take place within forty-eight hours on the American East Coast.

Once again Bush and Rumsfeld ignored the warnings.

Note: It can now be reported that Rumsfeld along with Con-Artist Rice ignored these warnings starting in July 2001, and refused to take action against the alleged perpetrator Osama Bin Laden, since both Rice and Rumsfeld were more concerned, for whatever reason, about covering up the status and location of Bin Laden.

These are internal State Dept. documents that hopefully can be preserved. Both Rice and Rumsfeld were aware that Bin Laden had received dialysis treatment in June/July 2001, at the noted CIA Hospital in Dubai, UAE.

For whatever reason, Rice and Rumsfeld, did not perceive Bin Laden as a threat but clearly as a U.S. asset.

How Dare You? You Tyrants and Conspiratorial Kings.

Summation: Rice and Rumsfeld did a 180 degree turn on Sept.11th and suddenly wanted to "go massive..sweep it all". Reference the Stephen Cambone notes(click). Go massive...sweep it all, sounds like something out of an Obstruction of Justice Manual.

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