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YOUTUBE: The song is "Peace"
Mon Jan 1, 2007 16:18

Could you make sure that you visit this site
and let your friends and colleagues know about

If we can get 2,000 visitors to it in the next
24 hours, we can make the first page of YouTube's
Most Viewed Music Video category. (We've got 5,700+
subscribers so we can do it.)


The song is "Peace" and it's one of the most
intelligent and soulful anti-war songs I've
heard in a very long time.

It deserves a wide listening - and you can count
on it never being played on Clear Channel (the
monopoly that controls what popular music is
played on US radio.)

If you're a YouTube member, please give it a high
rating. That helps too.

And feel free to watch the video more than. Once.
I bet you'll want to...

- Brasscheck

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