Re: Information Warfare on the Internet
Mon Jan 1, 2007 23:08

" Controlling search engines. If no one can find it, it is not there. I do not have any evidence that this has happened. The real danger is the possibility of "voluntary" self-censorship like we have seen, for example, in the newspapers with regard to radiation experiments. "

google HAS cotrolled september 11 searches.
my 1st 9/11 website
was getting thousands of hits a day in september of 2003.
on september the 8th of 2003, the site went down for several months.
first, google had changed their algorithm, and YES, i do think it had to do with Sept 11 sites.
second, after this didnt work %100 of getting my site non-serachable, someone bought the domain.
(i never owned it, it was a free server)
i didnt know how to go about buying a site, and renting a server back then.

Then, in september 2004, mysteriously, the site went down again.
whomever owned it, said they were doing cleanup, and took my site off air by accident,
(during september of 2004)
just when the stats were going through the roof.

also interesting, are some of the site logs....

heres a few samples...

OrgName: Defense Mapping Agency 164.214.4.# (Various Registries)
OrgID: DMA-1
Address: Defense Mapping Agency
Address: Acquisition and Technology Group
Address: Mail Stop D-79
Address: 4600 Sangamore Road
City: Bethesda
StateProv: MD
PostalCode: 20816-5003
Country: US Visitor's Time Nov 15 2004 1:26:18 pm
Search Engine:
Search Words: pictures 911 pentagon

OrgName: Air Force Logistics Command LACKLAND.AF.MIL
Address: 201 Wagner, Bldg 1674
City: Kelly AFB
StateProv: TX
Search Engine:
Search Words: 911 pics
NetRange: -
NetName: SAALC-1
137.242.1.# Aug 31 2004 2:59:45 pm
OrgName: Los Alamos National Laboratory
Address: P. O. Box 1663
City: Los Alamos
StateProv: NM
Last Page View Oct 15 2004 2:10:10 pm
Visit Length 4 minutes and 52 seconds
Page Views 2
Referring URL
Search Engine:
Search Words: 911 flight 93 767 pod wtc2
NetRange: -
NetName: LANL-INET 128.165.156.#


OrgName: Raytheon Company, Executive Office
Address: 141 Spring St
City: Lexington
StateProv: MA
PostalCode: 02421 199.46.199.# (ARIN - North America)
Rogers Cable Inc. ROGERS-CAB-8 (NET-69-192-0-0-1) -
Search Engine:
Search Words: home video 9-11 175

Nov 10 2004 4:35:54 pm
Oct 20 2004 1:16:11 pm Oct 20 2004 10:28:45 am
Browser Mozilla 1.7b
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.0; en-US; rv:1.7b) Gecko/20040421
Browser Internet Explorer 6.0


OrgName: Northrop Grumman Corp. 155.104.239.# (Various Registries)
OrgID: NGC-1
Address: One Grumman Rd. West
City: Bethpage
StateProv: NY
PostalCode: 11714
Country: US

Search Engine:
Search Words: 911 photos+fake


OrgName: Sheppard Air Force Base
Address: 227 G. Avenue Bldg. 237
Address: Stop 210
Address: Sheppard AFB
City: Wichita Falls
StateProv: TX 131.17.129.# (Various Registries)

Search Engine:
Search Words: 911 pentagon cover up video
---------------- = [ ]
Address: Computer Support Branch
City: Shaw AFB
StateProv: SC
NetRange: -
NetName: CENTAF09
Search Engine:
Search Words: pentagon contraversy @ 10/14/2004 7:54:10 PM
NetType: Direct Assignment

OrgName: DeptHomelandSecurity
Address: 801 I Street NW
City: Washington
StateProv: DC
Visit start time 09/06/2004 11:25
Visitor ID 759271
IP address
TTL Answer A IN 86400
TechHandle: JHO28-ARIN
TechName: Hoffman, Jim
NetRange: -


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