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Gerald Ford and the DEATH of John F. Kennedy
Tue Jan 2, 2007 21:10

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Subject: Gerald Ford and the DEATH of John F. Kennedy
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2007 19:31:53 GMT

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Let us all remember Richard Nixon rand as an "ANTI COMMUNIST" in 1960 and was defeated. The Kennedy clan had close ties to "ANTI COMMUNIST" Joe McCarthy. At that time no one knew how the BILDERBERGERS were. Nobody knew who the CFR was or had they yet heard of the CIA.

The Rockefeller Republicans were viewed as "the Eastern Establishment". Kennedy was elected as the first Catholic and an "anti Communist", "war hero" and not supportive of Israel. After his defeat by Kennedy, Nixon became a neighbor of his "arch enemy" Nelson Rockefeller. He emerge in 1968 as "THE NEW NIXON". Once elected his first appointment was HENRY KISSINGER former HEAD of the Rockefeller foundation.

Spiro Agnew was the voice of the Conservative "Goldwater Republicans" and a likely candidate for President once Nixon was no longer in office. AGNEW HAD TO GO. He was driven from office by the media and alleged corruption in his home state of Maryland.

Now the INTERESTING PART..... Nixon, a wise NATIONAL politician, saw the movement to purge all "anti Communists" that is why he had reinvented himself. So to replace Agnew he chose one of the nations most POWERFUL INSIDERS, Gerald Ford.

Gerald Ford, was a BILDERBURGER. He had been one of the members of the WARREN COMMISSION, who were responsible for THE OFFICIAL COVER UP of all government COMPLICITY in the MURDER and ASSASSINATION of John F. Kennedy.

What bigger signal than Gerald Ford could Richard Nixon have sent to the "New World Order" crowd? The dog & pony show gets better. Suddenly the media roof falls in on Nixon. A deal is cut to maintain his "honor" and to RESIGN. He has already serve a 4 year term was 2 years into his second term. So Nixon resigns. Ford is sworn in as President.

What is one of Ford's first acts as President?????


And who says there is not "tooth fairy"?

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