by Rob Kall
Lie About Iraq
Wed Jan 3, 2007 02:45

Another Bush Lie About Iraq?: Perhaps Saddam Didn't Mass Murder His People
with Gas. But is it Worse than that? How Deep Does the Republican-Iran
Connection Go? Did republicans use their Iran connection to manipulate the 2002
election and are they using it now, to influence the 2004 presidential contest?
by Rob Kall
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Now we're discovering that one of the last excuses G.W. Bush has remaining
for going to war, that Saddam gassed thousands of his people, is also a lie--
a lie that Bush should of and probably did know was a lie.
Back in 1988 thousands of Kurds were reported killed in the gassing of
Halabja. The CIA even prepared a report on it. Too bad the Bush people don't like
to bother with reports. They have direct info from God.... Oh. I guess this
proves that it's not God talking to George. Maybe he's having flashbacks.

Maybe it's a case of the DTs. Maybe he's having strange symptoms from choking on
another pretzel. Bottom line.... Sadam did not kill those people. Bottom
line--- Bush knew it and still uses it to argue his case for going to war with
Saddam. This _article (How Saddam Will use Testimony from the CIA)_


about how Saddam will use testimony from the CIA to prove he did not do
the gassing got me started on the column you are reading.
The IRANIANS gassed Halabja. The US knew it. Bush senior knew it and that's
why, in 1988, the US gave Iraq poison gas to defend itself with.

Yet George W. Bush, in building his case for war, said, "The dictator who is
assembling the world's most dangerous weapons has already used them on whole
villages, leaving thousands of his own citizens dead, blind or disfigured."
Now, it appears that Saddam didn't use the poison gas on his people at all.
It gets even worse. When you tie in Achmed Chalabi, the accused Iranian
Mole, who fed Bush's military neocons lies about Iraqi WMDs, you get a picture
that adds up to the Iranians first mass murdering thousands of Kurds, then
tricking Bush to go to war to do their dirty work-- defeating Saddam and
neutralizing Iraq as a military threat. Bush has been working for the Iranians!
Now, one might be inclined to attribute this to the stupidity of George W.
Bush and his advisors. But wait. His advisors are supposed to be really smart.
And there's that little matter of the October Surprise that Ronnie Reagan
and his VP George Bush senior pulled off upon taking office in the White House.
It was the mess in Iran, more than anything else, that blew it for Jimmy
Carter. Iran saved the Republicans' butts and handed them an eight year reign in
Washington DC.
Is it too much of a stretch to speculate that the Republicans used their
experience exploiting chaos in the Middle east to win the 2002 elections? Is it
too much of a stretch to speculate that the Iranians worked with some of the
neocons? Maybe. Is it too much of a stretch to speculate that the Iranians
used their experience manipulating politics in America, used Chalabi to trick
Bush and his failed advisors into a war that eliminated their sworn enemy and
neutralized the army that had killed hundreds of thousands of their troops?
Is that such a stretch? I don't think so.
Bottom line-- when an independent or right winger tells you he or she is
glad we took out Evil Saddam the mass murderer, point out that Bush has lied
about the mass murder too, that the worse mass murder that happened in Iraq was
perpetrated by Iran, and that Bush was tricked by Chalabi into doing Iran's
dirty work. Bush's father even gave Saddam poison gas to use in defense
against the Iranians.
Weapons of mass destruction? No!
Saddam as evil mass murderer? No!
Huh? Saddam was not a mass murderer as Bush and Blair said? But he cut off
people's heads and hands. That's nasty, right? If you think so, then take a
look at Saudi Arabia. Decapitation is a regular form of execution in Saudi
Arabia, and other parts of the Arab world. Cutting off hands is also a punishment
for unacceptable actions, like thievery, that has been around for centuries
in the Arab world. Years ago, while sharing a family dinner in a home in
Morocco, I started to take a handful of food from a family-style bowl
(cous-cous, I think) but they raised a ruckus and stopped me before my left hand
touched the bowl. My host explained that the left hand was used for clean-up, in a
country where toilet paper was a luxury most people couldn't afford. It was
dirty and offensive to use the left hand to eat. When a thief is punished,
his right hand is cut off and he can no longer share food with others.
Was Saddam the worst offender in the Middle East? I don't think so. The
Iranians were guilty of gassing thousands of people. But the Iranians had a real
army. Bush went after an Iraqi army that was far weaker than the one his
father took on in 1991. The real villains are still out there. But now, after
being duped by the Iranians, Bush has created a playground for terrorists that
they would never have dreamed possible. Bush created a recruiting scenario for
terrorists that they wouldn't have even fantasized could be that good.
What's left for Bush to lean on in his battle to hold onto his appointment
to the Whitehouse? The divisive cultural issues are all that he has left to
salvage his plunging presidency. We can expect him to go after churches, NASCAR
dads, blue collar moms, southern Christians, homophobics... and that he and
his surrogates will stir the waters of prejudice and division to a level this
nation has not seen since the civil war. It's going to get very ugly.
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