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For the past several years I have avoided writing letters to the editor because they seem to do little if any good, but my conscience compels me to write today. Before I start I hope that many of you can see that the two party system; the republicrats is one party and nothing more. The elections changed little if anything at all. This nation will continue the same course regardless of which of the two you elect.
Since 9-11-2001, governments, at all levels , propose unseen threats from terrorists both foreign and domestic and continue to erode any rights we may have once had in this republic. Using “Codes” rather than the common law to harass, terrorize and prosecute people for doing nothing more than minding their own, we have become a community promoting terror upon our own neighbors. Narrowing it down to Harbor Country alone, I see people pulled over by our local police nearly every time I drive in and out of town. In many cases, I see automobiles being searched and cars being towed away while the people are arrested. I wonder how many of those people actually hurt someone or did any harm. The common logic would argue that perhaps these people did not have insurance or maybe had a suspended license and should not have been speeding ect..., but real logic has to ask what did these people really do? I know of incidents where young local drivers were pulled over on numerous occasions for no apparent reason just so the cops could search their cars. Why? Many times the adage, “What's the big deal if you have nothing to hide?” is used. Please give me a break! Has anyone around hear ever heard of the Constitution? Have these types of tactics now become acceptable by this community and this nation as a whole? Is it alright to detain individuals for more time than a traffic light would simply to see what they have in their car and to interrogate occupants as to who they are, where they are going and where they are coming from? Does this protect you and me from something evil? Does it protect your children? If so please tell me how.
The courts in this nation have found on numerous occasions that the police have no duty to protect individuals at all, but only to protect the general public, but here in New Buffalo, we keep hiring more and more police who simply do not have anything to do but harass motorists. To me it is unsettling that we have so many police and so little crime. Do you think it because of all the police? Especially when there was very little crime before there was all the police. Do you feel these ends are justified by the means?
It is time that you flag wavers realized that there is no liberty left in this country and that it has become a Police state, but you continue going about your business assuming everything is legit. Do you realize that most of the rest of the world now hates Americans and has no respect for us at all, being the war mongers that we are.
Do any of you in this little town have a clue as to the private creation of the upcoming North American Union and the change of our currency system to the Amero very soon? No? Why not? Maybe you should write the Great Fred Upton and ask him why there is no congressional oversight over this monstrous sell out of this country. Many other congressman know about this and the media is ignoring them as well. Oh wait.. maybe I'm full of it because it wasn't on CNN or FOX NEWS?
Lets take a look at how things really are. The police are now armed wit tasers; supposedly non-lethal weapons which cause excruciating pain and loss of muscle functions. These non-lethal weapons are now responsible for over 400 deaths in this country of which some are on videotape and quite disturbing, but thats OK right?
Second, the county Sheriff; the only legitimately elected Police officer in the County has become nothing more that a protector of Judges, a jailer and warrant server/ revenue collector. The duty of the Sheriff is to arrest those who violate the Constitutional rights of the people in the county including judges,lawyers, prosecutors and others, but does he? Lets face it there are over 7 million people in this country either in prison/ jail, on parole or on probation. Thats one out of 34 and more per capita than any other country in the world including China. Sadly more than of those people are incarcerated for non violent drug offenses and who never hurt anyone( simply the failing WAR ON DRUGS). That is a huge business for lots of lawyers; defenders and prosecutors alike and those lawyers in black robes who take oaths to defend the Constitutions of both the state and the nation, but in most cases do not. Why aren't they being prosecuted? Also, the criminal (in)justice system is big business, for drug testers, labs, counselors, probation officers, behavioral management companies, shrinks, jail and prison personnel and suppliers, more deputies and more cops and the list goes on.
Prosecutors are a problem in themselves. Although their jobs should be about justice being served, they care more about conviction rates to make their portfolios look good. Many cases are plea bargained down under the threat that a loss using a jury trial would bring a harsher sentence and considering that most juries now consist of government employees, their spouses relatives or other who are not smart enough to get out of jury duty, they generally are not your “peers” as they would state. Most jurors are pro government and do not understand that they can judge the law and not have to follow what the judge tells them is the law. How many of you wee taught that in school.
Your taxes go up all the time. The government builds more schools and conducts more social engineering on your kids just like they did on you and me and we go along and justify everything because they told us it was the right thing to do. Look at some of the property tax bills in New Buffalo. Some are more than annual salaries that people make. How can this be justified? How will the middle class survive these increases. What about the elderly on fixed incomes? What does this council and township board do with all that money? Have they ever given any of it back to the people? No. They spend it all and then want more. Look at all the money put into the New Buffalo schools. Are the kids coming out smarter than they were before? Ask your senior to recite the Bill of Rights for you after reading this. Ask them what the civil war was really about? Ask them what the reason was for Iraq invading Kuwait back in 1991. Ask them about the North American Union? You probably don't even know the answers, do you? So much for civics and history huh?
So what do we have left? A bunch of search happy cops who would love the opportunity to bust someone for some nonsense and maybe torture them with a taser. We have a sheriff who is nothing more that a jail keeper who charges room and board from inmates while the jail is already supported by you and me. In a new twist, he deputizes and allows foreign (tribal) police jurisdiction in the county,(kind of like the Canadian or Mexican police arresting you in New Buffalo). An we have judges and prosecutors who care little about the constitutions and more about codes and the preservation of their big political injustice system and the architects and superintendents of the schools; dumbing down your kids who you blindly entrust to to them in supporting the future of this failing society.
This nation is crumbling and is shored up with fiat currency, backed by nothing and issued by privately owned banking cartels, which has practically no value and which the rest of the world is slowly moving away from and converting to the Euro. The system will fail soon. And the alternatives have been set in place, but not promoted via the mainstream media. Why? The media is owned by the same people who own all the wealth in the world and you and I are indebted to them for eternity. Wake up! Do your own research and find out what is really going on around you. Stop trusting government run education to tell you what is going on because they lie, cheat and hurt people for their own interests. I have now fulfilled what I feel to be my obligation to get the message out to my neighbors and for you to search out the answers you need to find. If you don't figure it out may your god have mercy on your souls.

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