Fielda Michelle Looney
..they tap your phone..
Sat Dec 30, 2006 11:11

......."they tap your phone, know your movements and if your hot enough plan a staged car accident on your next journey, or stage a fight after your provoked at the bar you've arranged to go to, resulting in head injuries that a doctor is waiting to finish the job, etc
Entrapment ops can escalate and this can become reality if to much power is granted to corrupt people. ".........

(They have many plans. This is just one of them. Provocation to reaction is the tactic they mainly use. In other words if they can irritate you, annoy you, harass you, and finally: enrage you enough to react, then they can arrest you for being "bad," "paranoid," disorderly, or "insane," and put you away for life, in some form of institution: if... that's what "they" want.

Then "they" can use staged situations, to blame "drunken drivers" sensationalize all the "dead innocent children victimized by drunken drivers," then: form groups to make laws to give THEM ... more power to arrest and entrap.

So, "they" stage and sensationalize the situations creating fear and anger, then the People cry out for tighter laws, thus stringing ropes around everybody's necks. Then, you've got: Police State Fascism, when probably less than 10% of all vehicle fatalities are caused by drunken drivers.

It's a vicious cycle, but you gotta know.... somebody's written all this mess, they're pretty sharp in history and sociology..... maybe some Stalinistic, criminal RUSSIAN MOB BOY or some experts in Fascism and Communism dictating to our "lawmakers" through "Special Interests" and PACS: ..... [you know.]

From all I've seen and witnessed, every American prisoner's criminal case should be examined to be sure someone wasn't wrongfully framed, and silenced here in this "democrazy" in the USA. This has been going on a LONG, long, time.

My Grandmother used to say, "The Communist Russians said they'd take us over without firing a shot." Now we know how they're doing it.)

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