[FIREBASEVOICE] Depleted Uranium - COINTELPRO "Roger Helbig"
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And learn all about who I am not .. far as Ralph, I have reporters and others working on him. I personally don't think any veteran should be encouraging some Arab kid to set off a dirty bomb or nuclear weapon because the anti-DU crusaders have convinced him that the US has already poisoned his country, so why not return the favor. I like the way the far-far right and the far-far left live in fantasy worlds and anyone who lives in reality is some sort of secret agent.

Roger Helbig

I had been told that I should consider suing some of these folks for slander .. since one of them calls me a traitor, perhaps I should .. would all of those who like to slander me please send their full legal name and address for purposes of filing the papers to me at PO Box 4046, Richmond, CA 94804-0046 or just e-mail me back -- somehow, I don't expect a stampede to the mailbox, though Ralph does live in the open and does not hide - not so sure about Tim White.

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(Webmaster's Note: Read "The COINTELPRO Papers" for truth about Peltier's case). ... When Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Roger Helbig of California threatened ...

Today in Iraq
Whether unaware or not of his status as a COINTELPRO asset, ... Roger Helbig often threatens media outlets to intinidate them into not covering stories ...

Another Day in the Empire - 2 visits - Dec 28
The CIA,FBI,NSC,NSA, COINTELPRO/CONTRAS ... to say the sort of things to Rabbit that you are turned out to be a LtColonel Roger Helbig, Pentagon Shill. ...

You are so like Bushler Wolf, in so many ways.

Like him you don’t know when you’ve lost.

You decided Rabbit was a Bush supporter for less — Bigot.

As for the rest yes Rabbit is indeed on your trail, but he is enjoying the hunt immensely.

Funny Wolf the last person to say the sort of things to Rabbit that you are turned out to be a LtColonel Roger Helbig, Pentagon Shill. Rabbit also unmasked his daughter/wife as easily. They went down making similar unfounded attacks on what Rabbit did not say and proceeded to give Rabbit all he needed to shine a light on their little games.

As for suggesting you might be a Zionist Shill, Rabbit would never deign to impugn the character of such an ardent God botherer who is yet not a Christian.

Rabbit has told no lies at all here or anywhere on this site.

Why Wolf when it has been you calling Rabbit and others names when all they seek to do is raise the tone of debate from the backslapping and personal rants, self righteous rants for wehich you are so well known? Why Wolf when you have displayed incredible bigotry and nothing but personal effrontary, when you have never said anything of value as far as Rabbit can see? Why Wolf would you think anyone was picking on you?

You are the eternal victim and Rabbit is here to put you out of your misery.

Wolf Rabbit has as always read your very weird ravings. You are indeed a sick puppy.

The fact that others have told you things that Rabbit has noticed, Bigoted, Zionist plant, paranoid, egoistic and all the rest, should say something to an open mind.

Funnily enough nobody ever called Rabbit the things that you do. This is one good reason Rabbit knows you are full of crap.

Apart from the standard lines of Shills when cornered you have been quite original but you are a very sick boy and Rabbit for one is glad that you are not in his country. As for George Bush, you lack only the Boots and Hat.
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