Fri Dec 29, 2006 10:10

Ladies and Gentlemen:

DNA equipment is portable and after reviewing claims by the wife of Saddam Hussein once the man reported as being the EX-PRESIDENT OF IRAQ was allegedly captured by photo's shown by the United States Government in a RAT HOLE, DNA has never been done and must be completed to confirm the identity of the person suspected as being Saddam.

CALL FOR DNA CONFIRMATION as it can be done right in Iraq with the DNA samples from his children results SENT BY E-MAIL to the doctors rather than return the Family Members to Iraq.

My review of many photos and film taken of Saddam convinces me a cruel HOAX has been visible from day one and ALL seem pleased or at least convinced that this former President was captured when so many MILLIONS if not Billions of fresh new $100.00 bills were stashed in secret sections of homes and no doubt removed by a man who would laugh at the World with doubles appearing for him for safety reasons.

The WIFE denied that man was her husband and everyone laughed and shut up about it. The Trial started with a quiet man who became more professional as the trial went on! Odd but coaching by the BEST really has a way of bringing out the imposter to appear to be the President.

Then of course we have protections for suspects... NO ONE CAN TAPE ALL MEETINGS BETWEEN THE SUSPECT AND ATTORNEY AND NO ONE CAN TELL HOW MUCH THE SUSPECT IS BEING COACHED. At least here in America the person accused has a right to fire his or her attorney and proceed on the charges with or without help from counsel. Courts WHO FORCE COUNSEL and the result is DEATH must review the entire trial and PROVE FIRST THE PERSON CHARGED IS THE ONE SOUGHT BY DNA !

Did we learn NOTHING by History when those in World War II fled to other countries after faking their deaths? Use of a double is on every Video and TV or Movie script to protect the true actors... President's in various countries have used DOUBLES and this man may be the President or a Double! Easy to confirm by DNA and fingerprints! NONE TAKEN - GEE I AM SORRY - WE KNOW WHO HE IS EVEN IF HIS WIFE AND FAMILY SAY HE IS NOT! Really professional Interpol/Police Work!

CONFIRM BY DNA ! The equipment is PORTABLE and results can be obtained from family, sent by e-mail for comparison so no need to bother the family members with travel anywhere as it can be done at home. Saddam, or at least his double, can be tested in JAIL! NOT RELEASED TO BE KILLED UNTIL TEST RESULTS CONFIRM HIS IDENTITY! Gee... wonder if it is true and the double was trained like a monkey? Now that would slow down the legal JUSTICE for even American review!

Maybe Dr. Ed Ward and others can comment on how POSITIVE the DNA swabbing of his cheeks would identify him as being the father of those children he and his wife have living today. No doubt the two children who died had DNA matching this person eh? ANY VOLUNTEERS TO GO KEEP THE TESTS VALID?

My passport is in order... Mr. President just give me permission and a seat on any U.S. military aircraft going into Iraq and we will be a witness FREE to these tests. We have watched CSI and NCIS flicks on TV, know the swab must be between the cheek and teeth and placed in a container and can still INITIAL the container, ride to the test lab where the equipment is stored, can even provide MY DNA sample to confirm I am not SADDAM... then other witnesses can confirm or deny this man is truly the one the WORLD seeks for killing his own people.


Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr.
a Decorated American Veteran of One
4532 W. Kennedy Blvd. PMB-276
Tampa, Florida 33609-2042

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