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Everything is political fiat
Sun Dec 31, 2006 13:39


Everything is political fiat, column 059

Words and Phrases of 2006 . . .

A collection of words and phrases that have stayed with me all year. I suppose they may act as good road maps for 2007, if re-worked slightly, in their “real world” definitions:

-Ethics: As in the in-coming ethics chairman, for the U.S. House, has got a judicial background, and she plans to raise the ethical standards. Forgive me if i don't hold my breath. I mean, we've been here before, so many times. During my political consulting, I've drafted many pieces of legislation, near and far. Here is my “entire” draft for ethics standards: “No member of the U.S. House of Representatives shall accept money or gifts in any form, from any PAC, special interest group, individual, corporation, NGO or private foundation. If a Representative does accept money or gifts, they will immediately have to resign their position, as an officer of the United states, and spend 2 years in jail.” There you have it. Eat your heart out Congress.

Punishment: The former leader of Iraq
Customer services: Now here is a biggy, for us everyday folk. Where ever customer service disappeared to, I wish it would make its way home. I miss it, and the street lights are on, and it should be home now. It seems anytime you ask for good customer service, the service industry you're dealing with, thinks you are being a rude customer or client. Lets kick off 2007 with never having to hear or utter these words again, “ I've been bounced to four people already, can you help me, or are you going to put me on hold as well?”

Manners: Another biggy. I have noticed that some men are just natural born pigs. They will say anything, to anyone at any time. They do not care if someone gets their feelings hurt. They have a very unique and rare arrogance about them. They are pigs, PIGS!, PIGS!! Thankfully there are us gentlemen out there, and we're watching you pigs. You disgust us, and when the time is right, you will feel our rage towards your behavior. Us gentlemen are calling you out. You can either treat all people, but especially ladies, with decency and honor, or you can shut up and walk out. No one wants to hear you act like a pig or a lower species, a cave dweller bottom feeder. I'm watching you, so behave.

Love: the biggest of biggy words. Love cover all, it was a good word in 2006 and will certainly continue to shine bright for 2007. Love thy neighbor, it applies to all of us, whether it be the person sharing your fence, your community, your state, your nation or your planet. Humanity will evolve, through Love, Prayer and respect.

Terrorism: this word remains the same, unfortunately, in 2007 as it was in 2006. To all you terrorists, wannabes and terrorist supporters, I'm still watching you. I'm not scared of you, I'm still mad as hell, and i will see everyone of you brought to justice or wiped off the face of the earth. Either way, it makes no difference to me. Terrorists around the world, know this one thing, I am a Patriot, I Love my nation and will do anything required or asked of me, to defend her borders, her people and her constitution. You are terrorists and you could never understand my level of devotion to my nation. Its about FREEDOM, got it? You are not even worthy of the term “maggot.” You will never defeat me, undermine me or detour me from my goal, of protecting and loving my nation and my fellow countrymen. I will be here, and I am not afraid of you. So take this as fair warning and an absolute guarantee for 2007. If you come around my house, my community or my nation, you will be dealt with. There are MANY Americans who feel and think EXACTLY as i do. You have been warned, so crawl back under your rock, we'll find you soon enough.

Words: Words are fabulous. They are tools, emotions and pieces of thought, all rolled up in convenient letters. Words serve us, toy with us, and push us ever farther, down the road of expressing and documenting the human condition. I call on my brothers and sisters of journalism, lets all strive to make 2007, the best year in human history, for word usage and journalism as a craft, dare a say dutiful utility.

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