update on Illinois FEMA camps
Wed Jan 3, 2007 17:12

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Subject: update on Illinois FEMA camps
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2007 13:56:48 -0600
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God Bless you for what you are doing. I am so proud you have a list for
citizens to be aware of the camps.

I am very involved and if you do not know Alex Jones of
www.prisonplanet.com  on jan 2nd filmed and did a live interview from the
FEMA camp in Tyler Texas.

I am very much aware of the camps and Beech grove
here is an update on what I have from Illinois

off Hwy 34 (Ogden Ave) and New York/Jefferson Avenue
Post Cereal is located here right out side is about a 4 acre proterty
fenced with a rail track running through it, recent there has been major
construction across the street from it south. Also has a radio tower.
Can be made over night to hold up to 5k to 10k
The address of Post should be about 1400-1600 West Ogden avenue

Also out in Montgomery, Ill Caterpillar has a huge facilty that is fenced
and has been visited by GWB in june or July to talk about a highway or
something. location Highway 31 just southwest of Aurora
this is a ten acre if not bigger fenced facility with a large warehouse

both these places I feel can been made into a FEMA camp in the overnight if
need be

I have personally contacted Beech Grove govt about their camp these are
some of the things and responses i got

First contact

they denied its existance until I told them the street corner location of
it.I was told a gentleman named Mike would call me back and never did.

I just called around December 15th as well, I was very strong and
argumentative with the secretary and wound up hanging up, Never gave my name
or My number

one hour later I was called back by a gentleman
Tim Scowaller/schwalter (317)788-4984 (very open to conversation)
supposedly a city worker . He was very nice

He claims the blackhawk helicopters are from shelbyville and are doing

when I asked him about the Marine locomotive being there , he could not
give me a reason

When I asked him about the turnstiles he even said he has no idea why they
are there
He denied the gas pipes being put in and claims over 5000 people work there
on a daily basis

He also claims to have photos from 1920 where the fence was already
reversed back them.

The gentleman was very nice and here is his number I encouraged him to
respond to the video google film and to denounce it

OH and as of Nov 12th they are now doing public tours of this facility not
sure if filming is allowed, i did ask.

I hope this information is beneficial to you, and please keep up the great
work and I will try to look into the illinois facilities you have listed as
need more information. I am more then happy to drive there and look around
and report to you what I have

God Bless

An American who cares




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