There IS nowhere to run

There IS nowhere to run
Wed Sep 3 12:06:30 2003

Bravo Judith for an accurate and well-written article that should be called the REAL State of the Union. Implosion is really the correct word. A car trip of even a few hundred miles anywhere in the US, with your eyes open will show you the frayed, worn, discarded remnants of a once great country. And this does not apply only to former manufacturing areas. But most people simply find it too painful or too intrusive to realize that we are not on the way to becoming a third-world nation, we are already there. Third-rate education, medical care, infrastructure, transportation, etc etc. Unless of course your are in the top 1% income bracket. It's simply that low interest rates, equity loans, the media, and the power of denial have been mixed together into a powerful narcotic that allows most to feel that party is still in progress. Wake up America. The party has been over for a while. And its about to get real ugly.

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