Janklow Terror Plot

Tony Clifton
Janklow Terror Plot
Wed Sep 3 14:07:18 2003

Outraged DWI roadblock victims overheard a seemingly ingeniuous plot to solve the "Congress" problem. The plot involved attaching a collar, approved by the lying murderers at the FBI/ADL/ATF/hohohomosecurity dept., to rep. Janklow, putting him in a tractor trailer with megadoses of "Explosives" and having him drive the whole thing right into the largest house of prostititution ever builded. Wouldn't that be a wonderful movie, and it would save Al Quida from having to do a job on PER DIEM, there by saving the American Taxpayers Billions and Billions of FRNs'. Somebody please tell Judge Roy Moore that there is no such Religion as the "Judeo-Christian" religion. That's like saying Alan Dershowitz is a good Christian. Please help the little braindeadgoy overcome 100 years of Jewish fables, lies and Bad Faith promulgation against the Israelites. Could Whiny Bernie please discuss the Class A Stockholders of the Federal Reserve, The Bretton Woods Agreement, and The Bank for International Settlements? Not to Mention the lies about Gordon Kahl, Weaver, Waco, OKC, KAL007, TWA800, JFK, JFK jr., WTC/911- all jewish Terrorist plots - here in America , not to mention the IRS and Dick Simkanin. In Good Faith - Bernie, Karl Rove works for Evil Jewish moneygrubbers. Woe unto ye Bad Faith fraud Artists.

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