ed Greed Disorder

Unlimited Greed Disorder
Wed Sep 3 19:42:24 2003

Unlimited Greed Disorder
All summer, Bush and his enablers have been repeating the mantra: "the economy is recovering." Recovering from what?

From Bush's own disastrous, reckless and uncompassionate economic "plan." Also known as looting the treasury to support his friends' Unlimited Greed Disorder (UGD), and illegally bomb, invade and occupy Iraq.

It's like getting shot and then learning your surgeon is also the guy who shot you. "You'll survive," he says, "so stop worrying." Of course, you'll be paralyzed (and in medical bill debt) for the rest of your life, but that's not his problem - he's got to go out and shoot himself another patient he can then help recover.

Although Team Bush and their controlled media are careful not to use the term anymore, his policies are textbook "trickle down" economics. Not "cascade down," not "flow down," not "pour down" - trickle down.

trickle (v): to fall in droplets; to advance slowly, bit by bit.

In other words, we're supposed to wait for the rich Bush has further enriched to toss us some crumbs. Need a clearer picture? The super-wealthy guzzle Kristal while you wait for them to pee in your cup. Unless they decide to pee in India or Malaysia, that is.

Apparently, however, Unlimited Greed Disorder causes constipation - after three years, the obscenely affluent have yet to empty their bowels. Instead, we've got record job losses, record long-term unemployment, record overseas manufacturing job-shifts, record deficits for years to come, record un-prosecuted corporate crime, record high gas prices, soon-to-be record home heating oil prices, record personal bankruptcies, record homelessness, record food bank dispersal, record numbers without health insurance, record hospital and clinic closures, record drug prices, record college tuition costs, and more citizens in jail than any other country on Earth.

Bush's solution? Eliminate overtime for over eight million workers while encouraging pay reductions for the few who might still qualify for OT, increase incentives to companies who move more jobs to third world countries, slash salaries and benefits to soldiers and veterans, refuse tax cuts for the poor, under-fund education and security, build more nukes, cut down more trees, pollute more air, and indemnify Big Oil and Big Pharm from law suits. Oh, and lie about all of it while passing the buck, swearing to God, and accusing truth-shouters of treason, naturally.

compassion (n): actively sympathetic concern for the suffering of another; mercy

Left untreated, Unlimited Greed Disorder sufferers will continue to rape and pillage America (and the rest of the planet) in order to hoard more wealth than they need or could possibly spend. Sadly, a cure has yet to be discovered, though rumor has it that Jesus offered a few valuable suggestions.

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