Re: Run for Governor: Your Reaction?

Re: Run for Governor: Your Reaction?
Tue Sep 2 13:37:47 2003

Well Sir, I'm not from North Carolina but I'd like to put a few thoughts in here for consideration.
First of all, you detailed why I stopped supporting the Democrat Party many years ago.
Now here we are, where neither Party is upholding their oath of office, and it's as if we just have one big party taking liberties not given in the scope of the Constitution.
Now, the folks of North Carolina have an opportunity for sending a message. This message must begin with someone, and the people need to take advantage of it. If they determine that the return of States Rights and States powers are as important as most folks believe, then I suggest they should make their stand now.
While I have reservations as to third party candidates being successful, I contend that they must make the effort. The way I see it, there's little to lose, but much to be gained.
If a candidate in my State were running on the issue of States Rights, you bet I'd give all my attention to that candidate, first and foremost. The second question I would want answered is, would that candidate actually adhere to the oath of office sworn to before God regardless of consequences from other party members?
I'll certainly be very interested in the outcome of this one.
Good luck and God Bless.

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