Run for Governor: Your Reaction?

Dr. Douglas W. Schell
Run for Governor: Your Reaction?
Tue Sep 2 08:29:28 2003

I may be running against the incumbent Governor of NC in the Democratic Primary as a principled states righter. Will you please provide me with your reactions to the possible news release below. Thanks.

Dr. Doug Schell


To All NC Democratic Party Leaders:

I am seriously considering running in the 2004 Democratic Party Governor's Primary as a principled states righter in the tradition of such Democratic Party greats as Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, James Madison, and NC's own Sam Erwin.

I am deeply troubled that the NC Party has lost all too many former Democrats to the NC Republicans due in part (1) to the "liberal" trends of the National Democratic Party in centralizing power in Washington, DC, (2) due to state party trends to forget about the hard working middle class who pays most of taxes and receives little benefits and (3) the deeply Christian commitment of North Carolinians. In my opinion, the NC Democratic party has forgotten its deep roots in the fertile soil of liberty embodied in the US Constitution as a compact among the states with very specific and limited powers delegated to the federal government.

I ask that you let me know your feelings about this attempt to reform the NC Party and make it once again the unquestioned major party in NC. I would ask you to do this before I release the following media announcement.

For a better NC,

Dr. Douglas W. Schell
P.O. Box 4074
Pembroke, NC 28372
(910) 733-0060 CELL
(413) 375--6770 FAX



Dr. Douglas Schell, a Professor of Business at UNC-Pembroke and the 2000 Reform Party Candidate for Governor, announced today that he has switched parties and will be running in the May, 2004 Democratic Party Governor's primary as a Constitutional Populist, "blue dog" Democrat. Dr. Schell indicated that he hopes to lead the NC Democratic Party back to its glorious roots as the champion of the productive middle class North Carolinian and the defender of the powers reserved to the state of NC and North Carolinians under the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution.

Schell stated that

"Since the early 1900s, the National Democratic Party has strongly advocated and supported the centralization of governmental power in Washington, DC rather than working to provide greater freedoms for the average North Carolinian. This is out of step with the tradition of such past great Democrats as Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, James Madison, John C. Calhoun, Franklin Pierce, Jefferson Davis, Grover Cleveland , William Jennings Bryan and NC's own Sam Erwin. Since the days of Wilson and Roosevelt, the National Democratic Party has moved from its traditional advocacy of our federal union as a decentralized Republic of Republics to the GOP/Lincolnian ideal of a centralized government ruled from Washington, DC. When the average North Carolinian has to fork over about 40% of his/her pay to support all levels of government, we have gone much too far especially when one remembers that the American Revolution was partially fought over a 15% tax rate."

Additional reasons given for Dr. Schell's decision are:

1. The unconstitutional GOP led military actions taken in Iraq which appear to have been decided ahead of time by the Bush Administration, and afterwards using some questionable intelligence to "justify" the invasion. All this "possible misinformation" was cynically used to gain the trust and patriotic support of North Carolinians for a war to purposively destroy Iraq's weapons of mass destruction (WMD), which Mr. Bush claimed were threatening the USA by possibly being sold to terrorists. Since no WMDs have been found, the Bush administration now has "spun" it that the real reason for war was about liberating Iraq from Saddam Hussein.

This ill advised action has resulted in 1000's of lost and maimed lives( increasingly now American military lives) and billions of war dollars and reconstruction dollars added to a growing federal budget deficit projected at over $500 billion. Where did the Democratic Party budget surplus evaporate to?

Schell would encourage all Democratic Governors to join him in stopping this growing GOP trend to (a) create an American empire and (b) to establish a global government at the expense of USA and NC sovereignty.

2. A failed "unilateral" free trade economic policy by the GOP which appears to be leading to a $275 billion trade deficit and falling confidence in the US dollar abroad. Thousands of NC manufacturing, service and agricultural jobs continue to be shipped overseas. The jobs
being created in NC tend to be lower paying ones, often forcing more and more North Carolinians to have both parents working outside the home and even one of these parents sometimes holding two or more jobs to make ends meet. Single parent families are in serious economic trouble. Families are falling apart under the financial strain caused by GOP policies while the wealthiest 5% of Americans continue to prosper.

3. A U.S. Supreme Court which is running amok in terms of legislating laws whether "liberal or conservative" leaning. This "judicial activism" has resulted in a growing breakdown in the checks and balances system provided for by Constitution. Folks in NC should be able to decide critical issues related to education, freedom of religion, abortion/homosexual rights and other important morally and socially sensitive state and local issues without being dictated to by Nine unelected judges sitting in Washington, DC. North Carolinians have quite different moral, cultural, and social viewpoints from the people of NY, Massachusetts and California.

4. The abuse of the reserved powers held by the state of NC and the people under the 10th Amendment to the USA Constitution. Dr. Schell will strongly urge the next President to VETO any (a) future federal legislation which is passed by Congress or (b) budget requests for existing programs, when these laws infringe upon the reserved powers of NC. He will use Article 3 Section 2 of the US Constitution to challenge any Washington DC attacks on the states rights of NC. To help him determine the constitutionality of federal laws, he will establish a NC Governor's Commission composed of retired judges and Constitutional scholars from across NC who approach the constitution from the viewpoint of a strict constructionist, using original intent, and as a compact between the states and the federal government.

Dr. Schell also said that as governor he would strongly support the right of NC to nullify a national law whenever he as governor, along with a majority of the state legislature, and a majority of the State's Supreme Court mutually concur that the act is an unconstitutional infringement of states rights. If the federal government continues to abuse its power after NC's petitions for redress of grievances and if the Supreme Court continues to make decisions unfavorable to the freedoms of the people of NC, he would, as a last resort, recognize the right of NC to peacefully secede from the Washington DC government. IF this unlikely scenario should develop, as Governor, he would call for a special state Constitutional Convention to determine what actions NC should take.

Dr. Schell also stated that as governor he would urge the next President not to declare war or use military action against any nation unless authorized FIRST to do so by both houses of Congress and the majority of state Governors OR IF America was threatened by eminent invasion. Schell would strongly urge the next President not to order "nation building" or "police actions" by our military but rather redirect the military's activities towards safeguarding American and NC soil from invasion from terrorists, military troops and illegal immigrants. He would oppose the use of the NC National Guard to participate in any unconstitutional actions taken by the globalist GOP.

Schell stated finally that,

"The GOP War on Terrorism should never be used as an excuse to exceed constitutional authority by limiting the freedoms of honest, God fearing North Carolinians in the name of" necessity/security." The so called "Patriot Act" is a disgraceful attack on the first , fourth and fifth amendment rights of North Carolinians."

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