Moon Landings - Fake?

Simao Fernandes
Moon Landings - Fake?
Tue Sep 2 10:41:37 2003

I hope to God that it isn't a fake. I really want to believe it happened.

But I've got a few doubts, apart from the usual stuff about the photographs.

First, surely NASA would have sent an unmanned mission to the Moon and back (perhaps using an animal, like Laika the dog) because although it's very difficult to send a manned rocket to the Moon, it's even more difficult to bring it back. Surely the Lunar Module's return-to-Earth systems would have to have been tested before they would risk putting humans on board such a dangerous mission? How come we never heard about it? Or did it happen, and we just never found out?

Second, how come there's been no more missions to the Moon since the early 1970s? Surely at some stage in over 30 years since the last one, some scientists would have wanted to go back to do more experiments now that we have better technology?

I can only laugh when people tell me about high school experiments that involve bopuncing a laser beam off "a mirror" that one of the astronauts left on the Moon - the very slightest change in angle of the mirror relative to the Earth (which of course is constantly changing as the Earth revolves) would make such an operation practically impossible - the laser would bounce back to Earth miles off track.

As to the photos, well, yes it's true that they're full of irregularities. I want to know how it's possible that a camera was able to capture the first steps of the Neil Armstrong down the ladder onto the lunar surface. Someone was already outside holding the camera. The idea that the camera was strapped onto one of the module's legs is patently absurd: were the camera really on one of the legs, it couldn't have captured the astronaut whole because the one would be too close to the other. A fish-eye lens would be necessary, and we all know how they distort the image (unlike the famous photos). Surely the image would have been filmed from inside the module, from inside the door through which Armstrong left the capsule, and we would have seen him leaving the capsule with only his helmet visible within the frame of the door space, until he reached the surface: then we would have seen it all perfectly well.

If anyone's got a good answer, please contact me.   

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