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Looking for a breakthrough on 9/11

Wed Jun 4 15:48:08 2003

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Subject: Looking for a breakthrough on 9/11
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2003 11:45:29 -0400
From: "Kyle F. Hence"

Organization: http://www.9/11  CitizensWatch

Please see below a recent CitizensWatch exchange with Bill Johnstone, staff member of the National Commission. We've also got them looking into the insider trading issue which had not been on their publicized lines of inquiry to pursue as part of their mandate.

So, we at CitizensWatch we are on their case, but it's just John Judge and me right now. Whether or not it makes a difference may depend upon how many of you join us in putting pressure on the commission by persistance in asking the key questions, pointing out inconsistancies, outright lies, etc. and by simply writing about the process so that more more people are paying attention.

My own gut says making a breakthough may ultimately depend upon the emergence of one or more whistleblowers who are terrified about coming forward. It may well be up to us to create an environment or an opportunity for them to step forward with a smoking gun or at least something which puts the heat on the Administration or the National Commission.

The anticipated 'From the Wilderness' ad placement in 12 major markets around the U.S. could go a long way toward creating that environment. Perhaps it's not too late to encourage whistleblowers to come forth in that ad. Or others to follow?

I also have heard that WBAI (Pacifica station in NYC) has agreed to sponsor a major Public Hearing on 9/11 in the Big Apple. There is one being planned simultaneous to it in Philly. All for July 2nd so there is not much time. But if there were others that could be pulled together by then and the ads come out around that time (if we are lucky) then maybe we'll begin to seriously weaken the dike and increase the chances whistleblowers will come forward.

Also, the Germans have done a TV documentary: "Aktenzeichen 11.9. ungelöst" (File 9/11 unsolved). It features UQ founders, myself, Catherine Austin Fitts, Tom Flocco in addition to researcher Allan Duncan. Nico Haupt was also interviewed.

More informations here:

It will be broadcasted on Friday, June 20th, 2003, 23.00 h MEST Middle European Summertime in the WDR (Westdeutsche Rundfunk, see website above). It will be on their equivalent of our PBS. There will probably be an international version of the film in the next months.

Anyone have any other ideas or suggestions for strategy that will lead to a major breakthrough? Perhaps it's time for some major press conferences bi-coastally? There are to be about 4 or 5 more public hearings as I understand it.

We'll be upgrading our site shortly so we hope to have more dialogue and on-going documentation of our work up soon there.

Best regards,

Kyle F. Hence

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Subject: Re: Siprnet system active on 9/11: could provide answers
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2003 16:12:11 -0400
From: ""
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thanks kyle. i am passing this on to the norad team to get you an answer to
your question.

Quoting "Kyle F. Hence" :

> Dear Bill,
> Based on the statements herein it would seem to me that it would be
> appropriate to invite testimony from the officers who were attending to
> the Siprnet based system.
> And may I ask if you have determined if there is a back-up or internet
> log from the 11th that would be helpful in sorting out the confusion and
> conflicting statements from NORAD? If there is one, have you asked to
> review it in the course of your investigation?
> Thanks in advance for your attention to my concerns.
> Kyle F. Hence
> 9/11 CitizensWatch
> The following is excerpted from:
> Command Cells Speed Airspace Reactivation
> by William B. Scott
> Aviation Week and Space Technology
> June 10, 2002
> Sorting out who absolutely needed to fly from those who were simply
> inconvenienced ultimately fell to the national Defense Dept./FAA Air
> Traffic Services Cell (ATSC), a small office manned by military
> reservists and FAA specialists. Colocated with the FAA's national nerve
> center--the Air Traffic Control System Command Center here--the cell was
> established after the 1990-91 Persian Gulf war to facilitate movements
> of military aircraft in U.S., Pacific and European airspace....
> That experienced cadre, backed by the right equipment, paid dividends on
> Sept. when the cell quickly became a key communications node during the
> military's response to terrorists attacks (AW&ST June 3, p. 48). A
> secure Internet (Siprnet) terminal and other hardware had been installed
> only six weeks earlier, greatly enhancing the movement of vital
> information.
> "Because we had that [Siprnet] terminal in this building, we could
> immediately look at Norad and [Defense Dept.] plans as they evolved;
> filter, package and format them, then we walk out to the [FAA] National
> Operations Manager--who had control of the entire National Airspace
> System--and give him current visibility into...fighter, tanker and
> support aircraft activities. It cut down our response time
> tremendously," said USAF Col. Brian P. Meenan, who was ATSC director at
> the time. Meenan has since turned command of the cell over to Col. Dale
> F. Goodrich.
> ......................
> According to the above story officers on duty in the ATSC on the morning
> of September 11th were:
> 1) Col. John Czabaranek (Meena's deputy)
> 2) Lt. Col. Michael-Anne Cherry (reservist)
> 3) Maj. Kevin Bridges
> .....................
> The article asserts that:
> 'They quickly established several communications "bridges," essentially
> open teleconference calls that linked key players, such as Norad's
> command center, area defense sectors, key FAA personnel, airline
> operations and the NMCC.'


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