Joyce Lynn
9/11 is the greatest deception ever launched
Sun May 11 19:01:42 2003

" U.S. government's "official" version of 9/11 is the greatest deception ever launched."

By Joyce Lynn
May 10, 2003

The greatest deception ever launched. That is how Canadian broadcaster Barrie Zwicker described the U.S. government's "official" version of 9/11 at an activist-organized event in San Francisco April 21.

A hand-vote indicated a majority of those who packed Herbst Theatre, which is directly across from the city's Civic Center, agreed with him.

Zwicker called the government's story of 9/11 "The Big Lie" and likened it to the Reichstag Fire which Adolph Hitler and the Nazis used to launch their murderous attacks against people they deemed undesirable. Some historians believe the Nazis, not the Dutch Communist found guilty and executed, started the German Parliament fire. A day after the February 27, 1933, fire, the German government suspended civil liberties. A month later, the Parliament granted Hitler dictatorial powers.

Zwicker said the 9/11 deception was "perpetrated by powerful special interests to jumpstart the war on terrorism," which he called the "toxic tip" for world domination, and was leveraged by neo-conservatives in the U.S. government who have "hijacked U.S. foreign policy at the behest of Big Arms and Big Oil."

Media critic of Canada's non-profit Vision TV, Zwicker produced the video The Great Deception, which analyzes the events of 9/11 and received the largest response of any television program in Canada.

The event featured the film AfterMath: Unanswered Questions from 9/11 by award-winning producers Guerilla News Network and a panel of experts who also appeared in the film: Michael Ruppert, editor of From the Wilderness; Peter Dale Scott, University of California at Berkeley professor emeritus, co-founder of UC Berkeley's Peace and Conflict Studies Program, and author of Drugs, Oil, and War; and Riva Enteen, program director for the Bay Area chapter of the National Lawyers Guild.

Questions the film addresses include: What did the Bush administration know and when; why did the U.S. military fail to intercept the hijacked planes; what ties did the U.S. military and intelligence agencies have with the terrorists and their supporters?

San Francisco-based activists who call themselves the TruthCommission911, headed by Carol Brouillet, organized the event in the three weeks the U.S. was invading Iraq. The event was aimed at attracting the attention of the corporate media, which perpetuates the government cover-up of 9/11.
The size of the crowd stunned even the seasoned experts on the panel. Several hundred people were turned away at the box office for lack of space. A similar program the next night in Palo Alto, California, attracted five to six hundred people.
Zwicker asked the audience for a show of hands about four questions. How many believe, he asked, that elements of the U.S. government not only knew about but also participated in 9/11? How many believe the official narrative-a guy with a white beard living in a cave in Afghanistan . . . ? How many believe G.W. Bush knew? How many do not know? A majority-possibly 80 percent-answered affirmatively to Zwicker's first question.

A GNN parody of government and media titans parroting war proclamations was also shown. The audience booed when Democratic California Sen. Dianne Feinstein praised the war effort. The day after the event, it was announced that a company in which Feinstein's husband Richard Blum is partner received a large contract to help rebuild Iraq.

Ruppert said "only" a stand-down of the national defenses could have allowed 9/11 to happen. He said the hijack coordinator on duty September 11, 2001, was taking orders from the Pentagon and the government has shrouded this person's identity in secrecy.

Mary Schiavo, former inspector general for the Department of Transportation and an aviation disaster attorney who appears in the GNN film, says that in the year 2000, the Air National Guard scrambled fighter jets to intercept U.S. planes which were off course 80 to 100 times. On 9/11, when four planes were hijacked, these procedures and those of NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) were not followed.

Scott declared the U.S. had double agents in al Qaeda and Project Bojinka, a 1995 plan attributed to Osama bin Laden's network to hijack U.S.-bound commercial airliners and crash them into landmarks, including the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Scott does not believe Bush said, "We are going to blow up the World Trade Center," but, said Scott, "because of the increasing involvements with double agents and their handlers, 9/11 was a disaster waiting to happen."

Enteen said the Bush administration is creating fear to justify "their repressive legislation" like the USA PATRIOT Act and to perpetuate the war on terrorism and dissent. She said Morton Sobel, who was a defendant in the Ethel and Julius Rosenberg trial and spent 18 years in jail, told her government repression is worse today than during the McCarthy period in the 1950s.

Calling the U.S. a fascist state, Ruppert said only a "top-down change of the criminal, corrupt system will suffice." Scott said that "a minority regime is governing acquiescing majorities." He said there are "two strong allies: The Truth-go after it-and world opinion. We have to be part of that alliance and draw strength from them."
Enteen said the way to feel safe and secure was not Homeland Security legislation but a change in U.S. foreign policy.
Zwicker called the American people "ignorant of the extent of the deception about 9/11" and urged the media's hypnotic hold on the public be broken so people can begin to "even question" 9/11.

Joyce Lynn is a journalist and was a political reporter for eight years in Washington, DC.
She is editor of the
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