Re: America was sold out!!!
Wed Nov 16, 2005 07:26

I'd like to add a single thought to your excellent post.

Our elitist leaders have incorporated usage of race jealousy to foment discord amongst us. As a society we Amerikans have been trained to perceive race in a divisive manner, generally with minority races being trained to see themselves as less important and more ignored than white people, and white people have been trained to see themselves as guilty of a superiority complex, both of which are fabricated and promulgated heresies of the elitists.

Each race has its rightful place in American society (with the exception of Jews who appear to never assimilate because they have a history of allowing their own inner elite to extort every society wherein they have invaded).

There is no reason for animosity to reach the level it has reached today in America, but is being promoted by con-men and toadies of the elitists in D.C. through the bought and paid for media.

All of the minority groups in Amerika are being "taught" to hate whites rather than recognize their own abilities and assets. Affirmative action policies instill a sense of low self-esteem in individuals by making them aware of their acceptance into a college or an occupation ONLY BECAUSE of their race ... Bill Cosby has it right when he says "speak english" not the ghetto-gutter-profanity-slang that is pervasive among disgruntled black youth. The foregoing is just one example.

In the final analysis we are allowing ourselves to be guided into a race war by con-artists like Jesse Jackson, who is a toady for his elitist masonic handlers, just like the hispanic leadership of Vicente Fox attempting to sacrifice the Mexican people for the sake of obtaining some financial benefit for themselves. Every race on earth are plagued by their own traitorous Al Sharpton's, some self-centered promoter of hate, sponsored and financially supported by some elitist scumbags.

It saddens me to see people molded and misguided into the hate paradigm by the globalist elites that will stoop to any level of sh*t stirring to remain in power, even when it means causing good people to kill each other at the instigation of a member of the very race being harmed.

Governments and their minions (media, corporations, et al.,) cause race hatred that wouldn't otherwise exist at all. That doesn't mean there wouldn't be a natural division of races, it simply means there wouldn't be an unnatural and forced integration of races. I haven't been invited to dinner lately at a Mexican's house or a black person's house !!! I don't feel cheated or abused. If I were a professional athlete, however, I would think it natural to have dinner with other team members regardless of race.

I think it's more natural for a Mexican male to see the beauty and charm of a Mexican female more readily than any alternative race, the same goes for every race. Additionally, it seems obvious to me that the shared cultural ideals would be conducive to a long term lasting relationship, family, heritage and the continuation of every race. Inter-racial relationships are unnatural regardless of the racial profile of the participants, but circumstances often exist that over ride natural propensities, such as when there is a shortage of same race partners or when someone just falls in love with a person from another race. Sh*t happens, but that doesn't make it "normal" or "natural", such as initiating a relationship
to prove a point or make an "I'm GOOD ENOUGH" statement.

Dissatisfaction is being sowed by the elitists because they know when we unite they are finished. The global gluttons, warmongers and true haters of humanity must keep us fighting so that we forget that they are robbing us of our lives, our wealth, our freedom, and most of all our pride in our races, all of them !

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