Beijing accused of stealing US secrets

Hamish McDonald and agencies
Beijing accused of stealing US secrets
Wed Nov 9, 2005 00:04

Beijing accused of stealing US secrets
By Hamish McDonald and agencies
November 7, 2005

Beijing: A new scandal involving an alleged Chinese spy ring stealing the secrets of advanced American naval technology has erupted only two weeks ahead of a visit to Beijing by the US President, George Bush.

Four people of Chinese nationality or descent have been charged by the Federal Bureau of Investigation with conspiracy to steal military secrets, including details of a new quiet propulsion system for US Navy warships and submarines.

My Fellow Americans,

This letter is an invitation to all Americans who are concerned about the future of our Republic and the vitality of our Constitution. If you think that everything is perfect in America, you can safely skip this message. If not, please read on.

I am writing to you today because it is election time. It is the time of year when we state our opinions on representatives and initiatives. We use our volition to effect change within government. But, this year's election is different for me. Electing officials and supporting initiatives isn't sufficient any more. I have elected to further the causes of Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Hapiness, Justice for All, and a government by the People, for the People, and of the People, by taking action. This letter is an invitation for you to join me.

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