Harriet Miers, President Bush and Abu Ghraib;
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George W. Bush-Harriet Miers-Alberto Gonzales-Abu Ghraib CONNECTION


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Title: Harriet Miers, President Bush and Abu Ghraib; Roe v. Wade, or Abu Ghraib?
Source: BayouBuzz
URL Source: http://www.bayoubuzz.com/articles.aspx? aid=5284
Published: Oct 15, 2005
Author: Sarah Whalen
Post Date: 2005-10-18 23:02:51 by Brian S
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Roe v. Wade, or Abu Ghraib?

Which one´s the real reason U.S. President George Bush is fighting so hard to place White House Counsel Harriet Miers on the U.S. Supreme Court?

If Bush is genuinely concerned about Roe V. Wade, why not just side-step arguments Miers is credentially, intellectually, and experientially lacking, and nominate someone else?

Think about what lurks beneath this squabble´s surface.

Think--Why isn´t the White House touting Alberto Gonzales, Bush´s former White House Counsel, as a "dream" U.S. Supreme Court Justice? After all, he´s the son of Mexican farm workers, he´s patriotic enough to have joined the U.S. Air Force, and smart and scrappy enough to have worked his way through the Air Force Academy, Texas´ Rice University, and prestigious Harvard Law School. Like Miers, Gonzales joined an elite Texas law firm. And unlike Miers, he´s been a Texas Supreme Court justice. His loyalty to Bush is as unquestionable as Miers´.

So why is Bush fighting for Miers and not Gonzales?

Think "Abu Ghraib."

Abortion´s horrible, but so is torture. What kind of protection do laws against killing the unborn provide when laws permitting torture become part of America´s jurisprudence?

You don´t have to be a Bush "hater," a Cindy-Sheehan "lover," or even a Democrat to be appalled at Abu Ghraib´s cruel excesses--the sexual sickness of it. You don´t have to "be with the terrorists" to be shocked by Guantanamo prisoners´ mistreatment. You don´t have to have any special sensibility to be concerned that America sends prisoners abroad solely to be tortured. You only have to be decent. Most Iraq War supporters understand war is hell. But should war degenerate into depravity? Doesn´t Bush say we´re fighting to show America offers "freedom" and a better way?

The Geneva Conventions seek to prevent—and also punish--just the kinds of Abu Ghraib abuses so graphically splayed across the front pages of our family newspapers. And there are even more photographs so horrible and inflammatory that the Pentagon´s fought their release, arguing they´d ignite more anti-Western terrorist acts.

Does Bush need Miers on the Supreme Court to protect Gonzales and all others involved—and perhaps even Miers herself--in Abu Ghraib´s sordid fiasco?

Someday soon, legal cases may arise on America´s Iraqi misadventures like Abu Ghraib. Traditionally, there´s no statute of limitation on crimes against humanity. Such cases can pend for the accuseds´ entire lifetimes. But putting Miers on the bench could ensure such cases are never heard.

Does Gonzales primp wearing the U.S. Attorney General´s morning suit rather than a Justice´s black robe because he oversaw, cleared, and reportedly authored official memorandums claiming the Geneva Conventions´ prohibitions of torture and excesses were inapplicable, "obsolete," and "quaint?"

The same gray eminences whose number Gonzales wanted to join examined his handiwork, and warned that the same "outrages upon personal dignity" and "inhuman treatment" Gonzales claims are permissible could make U.S. officials and military leaders subject to the 1996 War Crimes Act.

Sounds like Gonzales has some polishing up to do.

And Gonzales isn´t alone. Miers´ ties to Gonzales are close, going back many years. As Bush´s personal lawyer, Miers reportedly introduced Gonzales to Bush and recommended he be Bush´s General Counsel when Bush became Texas´ governor. The U.S. Senate should pay close attention to how close Miers and Gonzales were then and have since become. Although Miers enjoyed a seemingly lower-level job—Bush´s staff secretary--than Gonzales, her supporters claim she´s long been "the person in charge of all the paperwork that crosses the Oval Office desk." And she reportedly "screens" all Bush´s paperwork.

That means she reads it first. And she decides what´s important.

What did Miers, as Bush´s secretary-lawyer, make of Gonzales´ "torture memos?" Did she add her own legal-eagle touches?

Gonzales and Miers aren´t the only newly glum faces in Washington, D.C. Justice Antonin Scalia was intellectually the late Chief Justice William E. Rhenquist´s rightful heir. But a green newcomer, John G. Roberts, is now Chief Justice. Why? Think--Scalia´s defiant refusal to recuse himself from Vice President Dick Cheney´s high court case after he´d enjoyed a costly weekend duck hunting with Cheney just three weeks before the hearing.

Will Miers willingly recuse herself on any Bush White House matters, especially those involving Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo? She needn´t. Although Title 28, Section 455 of the United State Code sets out criteria for Supreme Court Justices recusal, Rhenquist wrote of Scalia´s duck hunting misadventures: "[T]here is no formal [recusal] procedure for Court review of the decision of a Justice in an individual case…because it has long been settled that each Justice must decide such a question for himself."

Or "herself."

U.S. Senators should think "Abu Ghraib," and think again before voting "yea" on Harriet Miers.


Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski
Fmr. Commander, 800th Military Police Brigade
Interview by Leon Worden


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Col. Janis Karpinski, Ret. Discusses The Lynndie England Cast.... Compelling.....

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