Karl Rove apparently has sang his heart out
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They will spill guts about forged war intel.
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Karl Rove apparently has sang his heart out to Patrick Fitzgerald's grand jury and gotten Lewis Libby to take the rap for him, for now. More important than these people are the American casualties, now in the thousands (2000+) and over 100,000 dead Iraqi -- killed in a war that Bush, Rove, Cheney, Lewis and others lied us into. The trials in this matter -- any trials -- will make clearer the lies and the uselessness of this war. Fitzgerald still could indict Rove and others besides those announced today. Another US Attorney, Paul McNulty, has brought three indictments into Israeli spying against the US, and this will uncover more facts about the war scam. Then there is the ongoing investigation in Italy into that country's involvement in forged war evidence used by Bush and Blair, which could come to a head with extradition proceedings for Bob Lady and 21 other CIA operatives.

Rove/Libby/Bush/Cheney got and used forgeries (shown) on Niger uranium to start the Iraq war -- WHICH LED TO A COVERUP AND THE PRESENT CHARGES. The point isn't their fate but (A) the administration is corrupt, (B) the war is based on forgeries can end now, and (C) foreign governments that aided the culprits must be exposed. The Washington grand jury of US Attorney Fitzgerald will obtain indictments in the outing of CIA's Valerie Plame on Friday, sources say, and could nail Bush's and Cheney's right-hand men, Rove and Libby.....In Alexandria, VA, another grand jury, Paul McNulty's, investigating Israeli espionage against the US, has indicted a neocon Pentagon analyst and continues its work.

With these and other probable indictments, there will be trials that will EXPOSE FIXED INTELLIGENCE and FOREIGN MANIPULATION that pushed the US into war.....Also, Italian officials promise to request in coming weeks the extradition of CIA man Bob Lady, a key figure in Imam Rapito and the NIGER FORGERIES. See how these events are converging.

The way things are going, the Neo-Conservatives are going to need more than a puppet judge to replace Harriet Miers, THEY ARE GOING TO NEED TO "STACK" THE SUPREME COURT. --------------------------- IF YOU SEE NO GRAPHICS HERE OR AT BOTTOM, go to http://www.indybay.org/news/2005/10/1776552.php to see them. ------------------------------- [Rome -- Oct. 25, 2005] The AP reported that Italy's parliament announced Tuesday that the director of Italy's SISMI (their CIA), Nicolo Pollari, will be called to testify on charges he gave Bush official Stephen Hadley the forgeries shown and described here, knowing they were forgeries. This is in response to the newspaper report http://www.repubblica.it/2005/j/sezioni/esteri/iraq69/bodv/bodv.html that Pollari met with Hadley in the White House on Sep. 9, 2002, just before the forgeries were put into play to start the war. Hadley is now Bush's National Security Advisor, the successor of Condoleeza Rice. ------------------------------- [Washington, DC -- Oct. 14, 2005] As Karl Rove made his fourth appearance before a grand jury investigating the "outing" of CIA undercover agent Valerie Plame, the Washington Post quoted a source close to White House adviser Karl Rove as saying at least two people told him Valerie Plame was an agent. One of them was Cheney's chief of staff, Lewis Libby, and Rove said he couldn't remember who the other person was. The multiple appearances of Rove and Libby and the low bar a prosecutor must clear to get indictments makes it likely that they will be indicted and will have to leave the administration at least until they can be tried. ------------------------------ [Rome -- Sep. 29, 2005] The Chicago Tribune reported that Italian investigators have uncovered computer records, including photographs and an Internet map search, that appear to link a former U.S. diplomat and CIA operative to the controversial February 2003 abduction of a Muslim cleric in Milan, according to court documents. Prosecutors say they are proceeding with formal extradition requests. THIS WILL BE BIG NEWS, if the Italians keep their word. Robert Seldon Lady, the alleged leader of the CIA gang, is reported by the Trib to be hiding from the law in Honduras [most likely Valle de Angeles]. http://www.thestate.com/mld/thestate/news/world/12776492.htm ------------------------------ [Alexandria, VA -- Aug. 4, 2005] US Attorney Paul McNulty, whose grand jury has been investigating Israeli espionage against the US, involving Bush Administration figures, spelled out more on charges against Defense Department analyst Larry Franklin and two others. Franklin already had been accused of illegally disclosing classified defense information to Israeli lobbyists. Administration officials close to Israel, like Franklin, helped incite the Iraq war. -----------------------------

The above news stories are developing and converging and should at last give Cindy Sheehan some of the answers she sought from President Bush about the "noble cause" that took her son's life in Iraq. Maybe we will even learn how foreign agents manipulated the US into the Iraq war and just how corrupt our own government is.

NIGERGATE: Forged Italian Documents on Niger Uranium Sent GIs to War

As this story is developing, there will be some overlap and synergies between the investigations of US attorney Paul McNulty's grand jury in Eastern Virginia and US Attorney Patrick Figzgerald's grand jury in Washington, DC. Fitzgerald is concentrating on Plamegate, the outing by Karl Rove and others of Valerie Plame Wilson in revenge for her husband exposing the tricks of Nigergate (forged Niger documents on uranium and Iraq).

At Michael Ledeen's (Karl Rove's foreign policy advisor) meeting with Italian intelligence in December 2001, to procure evidence against Iraq as an excuse for war, was Larry Franklin, whom McNulty got indicted for collaboration with Israeli agents.

The FBI caught Franklin, 58 -- a Pentagon analyst on Iran and an Air Force Reserve colonel -- meeting two agents of AIPAC, Israel's US "lobby," in an Alexandria, VA, restaurant in June 2003. AIPAC employees -- including now-charged AIPAC agents at the meeting, Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman -- had been under FBI surveillance for a couple of years. The FBI was surprised by Franklin showing up and began investigating him, too. The FBI arrested Franklin, on May 4, 2005, for illegally disclosing highly classified information to AIPAC -- spying for AIPAC, in other words. He is free on bond and is expected to plead innocent at his trial.

The McNulty grand jury is the one that indicted Franklin and is covering territory that approximates that of the Downing Street Memos. McNulty is concentrating on collaboration between Israel and US officials who incited the Iraq war. As we see, there are a few European governments that appear to have manipulated US policy to the same end.

Before the Rosen and Weissman indictments, we wondered why no one at AIPAC had been charged in the Israeli-spying case besides Franklin. Did someone in the Bush administration obstruct justice by trying to prevent the two latest, and possibly more, indictments?

For that matter, why hasn't the FBI interviewed Rocco Martino, the acknowledged and admitted procurer of the phony Niger uranium documents that Pollari is to be questioned about? They are known to be investigating the phony documents but somehow missed interviewing Martino when he visited New York. The documents are one of the main reasons we are at war and are related to McNulty's and Figzgerald's investigations and the Italians' charges against Bob Lady. Bob Lady was the CIA chief in Italy and may have been a conduit for the Niger forgeries. Is he serving as a patsy, a fall guy, to take the fall for higher-ups? Is someone else to serve as a patsy for Bush, Cheney or other administraton officials.

The Bush administration can't interview the Itialian citizen Martino, but they could have the CIA abduct an Egyptian cleric, Abu Omar (Osama Mostafa Hassan), off the streets of Milan in February 2003, for "extraordinary rendition," aka "torture," in Egypt. This open violation of Italian sovereignty, supervised by the CIA's station chief in Milan, Robert Seldon Lady, formerly of Panama and New Orleans -- involves still another investigation, by Italian prosecutors and legislators. (Could it be that US legislators -- the Congress -- need to look into this, too?) The US violated the sovereignty of another European nation, Sweden, in the 2001 rendition of Ahmed Agiza and Muhammed Al Zero. Swedish officials were complicit and the Swedish public was outraged. Where is the outrage in America?


Nineteen CIA agents were charged formally in June 2005 with illegally abducting Egyptian cleric Abu Omar off the street in Milan in February 2003. They sent him, with the cooperation of certain named US Air Force officers at the Aviano Air Base, to Egypt for questioning enhanced by torture. Kidnap-torture (so-called "renditioning") is sanctioned by President George Bush to get around the fact that torture is unconstitutional in the United States. In October 2005 three more Americans were charged and the Italian prosecutor Armando Spataro promised to initiate the process to extradite all 22 to Italy to face charges. I doubt if he can keep this promise.

The chief of the crime ring (as the Italians see it), Robert Seldon Lady, also appears to be involved in using Italian intelligence sources, official and unofficial, for producing phony intelligence, and laundering intelligence produced in other countries, to secretly influence US foreign policy. One product of Italy and the CIA is the forged Niger-uranium documents that President Bush and Tony Blair alluded to in inciting the US to war against Iraq. These documents are at the center of the probes of the McNulty and Fitzgerald grand juries.

The CIA was tipped off by an Italian source about 6 months before charges were brought, and the CIA removed the 19 from Italy and presumably Europe. The spies, including Lady, are currently sought all over Europe under warrants issued by a judge in Italy. To facilitate capture, the prosecutor's office has asked police experts to digitally enhance the photos of the CIA fugitives. This was back in June 2005. The entire rogue's gallery was to be forwarded to Eurojust and Europol for circulation at airports and border posts.


The original photos obtained by DIGOS are mainly photocopies of IDs, copied at the luxury hotels where the kidnappers hatched their plot over 3 months. The photocopies were dark and thus needed to be enhanced.

Under a treaty former US president Ronald Reagan signed with Italy in 1982, it is thought Washington is obliged to reveal the real identities of the agents, as well extradite all those charged. Has Italy sought to invoke the treaty and extradite the criminals? As they made public the charges against three more Americans -- including Betnie Medero, a 38-year-old female CIA agent who was working as the second secretary at the US embassy in Rome until a couple of months ago -- they promised to try to extradite the fugitives. She now is reported to be at the US Embassy in Mexico City. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article10473.htm The two other CIA agents now wanted by Italian police have been named as 55-year-old Vincent Faldo and 57-year-old Thomas Harbison, apparently their real names since both had valid passports. [Why not just "rendition" them? That would be faster and easier, as well as poetic justice.]

While we wait for the Italian authorities to get serious about apprehending the CIA fugitives, special prosecutors in the US Government have convened two grand juries that are investigating possible criminal charges in two scandals that are coming to be referred to as "Nigergate" (similar to the Downing Street Memos scandal in the UK but focusing on espionage by Israel) and "Plamegate" (the outing of Iraq whistleblower Joseph Wilson's CIA-spy wife, Valerie Plame). The two scandals eventually could result in the prosecution of the president's top aide, Karl Rove, and even criminal charges against the president or vice president. The president, but not the vice president, would first have to be removed from office by impeachment or resignation. Potentially at least, Bush and Cheney could be imprisoned under existing US laws.


Karl Rove's only full-time foreign-policy advisor is Michael Ledeen, a rabid anti-Arab, anti-Iran, pro-Israel activist. The FBI is investigating Ledeen for procuring forged documents (shown here) on nonexistent WMD, which George Bush used to justify his war on Iraq. Did Ledeen procure the documents for Rove, and how might he have done that? This story, the Nigergate scandal, includes multinational stool pigeon Rocco Martino, Italian spy Francesco Pazienza, wanted CIA spy Robert Seldon Lady, and Pentagon analyst Larry Franklin, who's under charges of giving US secrets to Israel. http://bellaciao.org/en/article.php3?id_article=7256 On October 25, 2005, we begin to see the Plamegate and Nigergate scandals converge, along with the CIA cleric-kidnapping ("Imam Rapito") case in Italy.

Karl Rove's foreign-policy advisor, Michael Ledeen, proclaimed "the rightness of the fascist cause" in 1972. He is a particular admirer of Benito Mussolini. In 1984 he got George Bush Sr to appoint Iranian arms merchant and Iranian/Israeli double-agent Manucher Ghorbanifar as a middleman in the scandalous Iran-Contra affair. Ledeen has been a fixture in Washington and Israel ever since, advocating a modern version of the Crusades against Islamic nations. Based on what he has said and written, I believe Ledeen is insane. He certainly is advocating madness.

Michael Ledeen, Rove's "brain," is one of the leading advocates for a US attack on Iran. The Washington Post quoted Ledeen as saying that Rove told him, "Anytime you have a good idea, tell me." I guess that means we can look forward to the Bush team drumming up a war with Iran.

George Bush Jr., when he assumed the presidency at the start of 2001, already knew that he was going to settle the family score with Saddam Hussein. His "brain," Rove, quickly enlisted Ledeen to trump up a causus belli, which took about a year.


Rocco Martino is a 66-year-old Italian gentleman SEE PHOTO who worked on and off for the Italian SISMI (analogous to the CIA) for many years and who also peddled the same information to various spy organizations and publications -- a convicted felon and international stool pigeon, just the kind of person Ledeen's associates needed. rocco_martino.jpg #file_1#

After being fired by SISMI (he was considered unreliable, possibly because he had been convicted for receiving stolen checks, among other things), he convinced the French intelligence in 1999 that he knew all about Africa and the traffic in conventional and nonconventional arms. To avoid stepping on the toes of SISMI (Italian intelligence), the French gave him a contact, or handler, in Brussels.

Meanwhile, the Italians were pursuing their own intelligence aims, according to Martino, using the Niger embassy in Rome as a conduit to distribute information the US and others while concealing their identity.

In early 2000, a former colleague at SISMI told Martino of a SISMI source at the Niger embassy in Rome -- "a lady," according to most reports, but this was no lady, as we shall see -- who could provide Martino with information.

Martino soon provided the French with documents show

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