Scooter will take his chances.. they've got to first base..
Sun Oct 30, 2005 13:47

..Whitehouse is in the Scooter will just plea that he suffers from bad memory or was on some type of medication which affected his memory/mental faculty and then they are on the home run.

Wait and see how it breaks... this is a FULLY planned operation. All the angles have been covered - no stone has been left unturned and in all probability Pat Fitz hasn't a chance in hell of a getting a convictioon on Libby let alone Rove, Cheny or Bush.

What you do is sit down at Bushes residence - without any stenographer and plan the thing out. What if...? Then...

1. First they get block any effort to get Rove by implicating Cheney and Libby.

2. Then plant evidence that fits Libby and gets Cheney off the hook at the same time.

This makes Libby Pat Fitz's target man.. some meat for the feed, so they think.

3. Then Libby does an Houdini by some as yet undisclosed get out clause, END GAME.

Thats the way the numbers stack - simple as 1 - 2 - 3

NO WAY THEY'LL PAY. IT JUST CHESS. Sacrifice a pawn (or nearly) to protect the ROYALTY.



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