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Sun Oct 30, 2005 03:53


..."The Pentagon has been unable to account for any of the 'Able Danger' charts"? It sure would be interesting to know more about these "charts," in particular this "Brooklyn cell" of these four hijackers.

"William Dugan, Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Oversight, said that the Pentagon's intelligence oversight rules required the destruction of data on 'U.S. persons.'" Then "Specter asked Dugan if Atta was considered a 'U.S. person' during the time of the intelligence gathering effort"? Well, LOL ! Maybe Atta was a "US intelligence asset"? Such when his "lessons" included the "jihad" in Kosovo?

"There are terrorists on the chart who may still be out there and planning attacks"? Well, if there are, how many of them are part of CIA "asset" Rahman's network "to raise money and recruit Muslim extremists to fight in Bosnia, Kosovo..."?

Also see: Third Source Backs 'Able Danger' Claims About Atta Connected to Rahman
Two sources familiar with Able Danger told FOX News that part of its investigative work focused on mosques and the religious ties between known terrorist operatives such as Omar Abdul Rahman , who was part of the first World Trade Center bombing plot in 1993.
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