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RE: Welcome to the United States, a British Crown State!
Sun Oct 30, 2005 05:03

Old file saying practice of law a common right appears to be a
purposely posted lie. The article said Sims v. Aherns, 271 S.W. 720,
and Schware v Board of Examiners supported common right to practice law...
the reading of the cases referenced do not show that and appears that like
so many others of that ilk, took unrelated cases that they believed no one
would read, and took sentences out of context to prove their point...
got the following email from someone I sent this article out to, at the time
believing it was true:

The email I received:

Dear Mr. T.,

The WEB link below takes you to FindLaw to the page containing Schware v
Board of Examiners. Please review as you did on Sims v Aherns.

In this case the Supremes stated that whether the question to practice
law is a right or a privledge is NOT an issue in this case.

I've read notes 8 & 9 on page 1 of Sims v Aherns as you suggested and
EVEN if I stretch my immagination I can not come to any conclusion that
those statement in those notes even infer that the practice of law is a

I believe that the individual who originally sent this Summary out to all
and sundry was stretching everything and anything to 'fit' his
conclusions. Sort of like what a Jay Stewart did almost 20 years ago in
his 'Memorandum on Land Patents'. That fellow took many many various
state & federal court decisions and took sections/parts out of those
court decisions to 'fit' his conclusions that a land patent means one
does not have to pay property taxes, pay their mortgages, etc., etc. etc.

The only thing that Mr. Stewart's work accomplished was to foster and
support the sale of 'snake oil medicine' by such groups as TeamLaw, The
Aware Group, RightWay Law, etc.
I've had hundreds of people contact me in hopes of saving their homes or
farms from the sale tax liens or foreclosures AFTER they spent hundreds
to a few thousands of $$ on this 'snake oil medicine' cures. 95+% of the
time there was nothing I or anyone else could do in order to save their
homes or farms.

If I were you I'd be very careful before sending such info out to the
world since most of the stuff I've seen falls into the 'snake oil
medicine' catagory.
/////end email message..................

Now, can anyone defend this post, not the fact that practice of law is a
common right, which I will show is true, after I get a response on this inquiry as
to the truth of the article that was posted using these cases that appear not to
support at all, the claims made in said article.

Mr. T.

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