Congresswoman Jane Harman
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May 3, 2004

-Calls on Secretary Rumsfeld to Provide Army Report to
House Intelligence Committee-

Washington, DC - Congresswoman Jane Harman (D-36), Ranking Democrat on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, issued the following statement in response to news reports that military intelligence may have been involved in acts of abuse at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq:

"The abuses at Abu Ghraib are deplorable and severely undermine U.S. interests in Iraq. The fog of war is thick, but these acts of abuse and humiliation contradict international norms, military regulations and the very values that our military fights to defend. They have absolutely no place in our military.

"The House Intelligence Committee has oversight responsibility for military intelligence. In war, interrogations are an integral part of intelligence-gathering efforts. For that reason, Chairman Goss and I have received two high-level classified briefings about interrogations. I have also visited Guantanamo Bay three times to inspect conditions and practices there.

"At no time did the Administration inform the House Intelligence Committee about General Taguba's report of February 2004. As of yesterday, the report was still "working its way" up the chain of command to senior Pentagon leaders. This is highly disturbing, and raises questions about how seriously the Administration and the White House were taking these allegations.

"These abuses undermine the hard work and sacrifice of those in uniform who take incredible risks to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people - with acts such as digging wells, carrying books into schools, and rebuilding hospitals.

"Today, I am writing a letter to Secretary Rumsfeld requesting a copy of General Taguba's report, and an immediate briefing on specific steps the military is taking to punish wrongdoers and prevent further acts of abuse at all military prisons."



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A former employee of the Iraqi Abu-Greib jail claims that the world does not know the whole truth of that jail in the environs of Baghdad. Private Lindy England was sentenced last week to three years in prison for cruel treatment of Iraqi prisoners. Yet the 22-year-old woman continues to insist that she is a scapegoat.
Many see private Lindy England as an emblem of last year’s scandal round the Abu-Greib jail. The photo on which she is posing with completely undressed prisoner holding him as a dog on something like dog’s lead has been re-printed by newspapers of many countries. On other photos there were other soldiers safeguarding the jail. Yet, observer Oleg Gribkov says, editors of many newspapers decided that Lindy England’s photos were most impressive. That young woman does not come from a rich US family, she enlisted because of money problems and become notorious against her own will.
Her last interview before going to her cell Lindy England gave to NBC TV company. She used the opportunity to repeat what she said during court hearings, and this is she and her former fellow workers judged by the tribunal were only executors of someone else’s orders. Their chiefs told them that all they did was necessary to force prisoners to give evidence under the fear of making public shameful photos. As is known, the tribunal rejected these statements and agreed with the Pentagon’s version. According to the Pentagon’s version, several privates safeguarding the jail took photos at their own initiative because of their perverted mentality. When these tricks became known to public, the Pentagon claims, the culprits began inventing that there were certain orders out the wish to shirk responsibility. Some experts believe, however, that it is the Pentagon that wants to shirk the responsibility.
Let’s consider Lindy England’s last interview. She added more to the evidence she gave at the court. She told about certain Americans who came to the Abu Greib jail to torture prisoners. And this, she added, was not psychological pressure brought to bear, something like getting undressed before the camera, but real tortures. Who were those Americans? She does not know. What she knows is that they were not military men. The Abu Greib jail was officially controlled by the Pentagon, yet it is known for certain that often CIA men came there to interrogate prisoners.

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