The England, Rumsfeld, Gonzales, Bush and Miers Connection
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Subject: The England, Rumsfeld, Gonzales, Bush and Miers Connection
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2005 18:34:48 -0700
From: heroay

"...If successfully convicted, Bush and Rumsfeld could be sentenced to life in prison, or even death..."

TOOOO LONG!! but here they are:

and all things said and done, whoever did it, must pay. Including Lynndie England.

That she received orders from upstairs, fine, but she doesn't seem too unhappy putting
up her show. I wonder if she was used to doing the same thing to chickens in the chicken
factory back home... Hmmm?;article=94854;title=APFN

And about the alleged 'props' by General Karpinski, Bull!, there are far worse pictures, and
survivors, than has been shown to the American consumer.

So everybody is trying to escape justice via the back door?? No, no, no.....!

Now, if suddenly you were in a job like Karpi, in all fairness to decency, honesty, ethics,
humanity, compassion, morality, duty, or any other excuse, wouldn't you just quit and then
finger the criminals up the top?

If the leaked pictures hadn't hit the internet and the crime exposed, I ask, what would
that sweet lil' girl and the General be doing in Iraq? Still bullshitting in the sand?

Especially since we know the war is illegal, criminal, genocidal, and started in LIES.....
Just like every other war started by the Zionist Machine in Manhattan and London.

Thanks Lynndie, for showing us the path to the White House, but you must learn your
Lesson of Life, else, you are going to hurt somebody somewhere next time around...
even if it is a lowly chicken. And we are here to HELP you. Ooohhh, Yeah!!..................


Architects of torture 'Nuremburg Reborn'

The Alberto Gonzalez Torture Memo Story

FBI E-Mail Refers to Presidential Order Authorizing Inhumane Interrogation Techniques 

If successfully convicted, Bush and Rumsfeld could be sentenced to life in prison, or even death

In a letter sent to George W. Bush before the invasion of Iraq, a group of 100 American law professors opposing Iraq war warned the U.S. President that he as well as senior officials at his government could be prosecuted for war crimes if any violation of international humanitarian law happened.

The group demanded warring parties to distinguish between military and civilian areas, only use the level of force that militarily necessary and only use weaponry proportionate to what is being targeted.

"Our primary concern ... is the large number of civilian casualties that may result should U.S. and ‘coalition’ forces fail to comply with international humanitarian law in using force against Iraq," the group, led by the New York-based Center for Constitutional Rights, wrote in the letter that was also addressing the Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Reuters reported in January 2003.

Ironically, at that time President Bush asked the Iraqi officers and soldiers to disobey any orders to use weapons of mass destruction in the event of a conflict. "If you choose to do so, when Iraq is liberated, you will be treated, tried and persecuted as a war criminal," he said.

According to the War Crimes Act of 1996, a federal statute set forth at 18 U.S.C. 2441, any violation of the Geneva Convention by engaging in murder, torture, or inhuman treatment, is federal crime, and this for any U.S. national, military or civilian, said an editorial published on globalResearch.

This law is not only applicable to those who carry out such crimes, but to those who order them, know about them, or fail to prevent them from taking place, and this includes both low and senior ranking officials.

The law, moreover, has no statute of limitations, and thus a war crimes complaint can be filed at any time.

Several reports released over the past year and declassified documents listed numerous cases where detainees held at Abu Ghraib jail near the Iraqi capital and in U.S.-run prisons in Afghanistan died as a result of being tortured by the American soldiers. And since this law stipulates that if a prisoner died as a result of torture the penalty could be death sentence, then death penalty should be appropriate for anyone found guilty of carrying out, ordering, or sanctioning any of the acts that have been carried out in Abu Ghraib or Afghanistan. 

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