ET races who want to come to Earth to attack Earth humans
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ET races who want to come to Earth to attack Earth humans

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From: Įsgeir Siguršsson

Why the alien/ufo/et issue is totally inseperable from the Dulce/Aerea 51 material

I wish to stress very seriously in my email to the American Patriot Friends Network that the Fitzgerald investigation is going to lead to the full exposure of the fact that it was Israel who was behind the 9 – 11 events. This does not mean that I am a neo nazi or a neo conservatist or anything remotely simular. It simply means that the people who attacked the buildings had the blessings of the US, Israeli and other governments, and that because of the nature of those attacks, the man in charge is going to be exposed. The exposure of the man in charge of the 9 – 11 events, will lead to the full facts behind the UFO coverup being exposed to the global media. The US government has therefore insanely planned secretly that this will take all the time until 2012 to manifest. They plan to announce in the global media, on December 22nd or 31st or whatever on that year, that there is a real alien threat from outside the Earth, and that people have to form a one world government, a one world military, and a one world police force, and a microchipped population. In other words, they are planning to use the Reptilian Agenda as an excuse to turn humankind into slaves to an alien invasion.

Every conspiracy theory usually leads to discussions on UFO“s, ESP and all the rest. When I discuss the full facts about the Dulce materian in Iceland, I am ridiculed, not because of the nature of the Dulce base itself, but because I mention the word Dulce. I tried very naively to keep the UFO/ET issue separate from the Dulce/Aerea 51 material, but now I realize I belong to those who are not listened to at present.

Our job will therefore be to survive the collapse of the United States, the New World Order, the European Union, NATO and all the rest of it. We believed very naively that we were to prevent what was planned in advance for us to happen to such an extent that no force no matter how powerful or from how far away from Earth can prevent these two major events from coming true. I believed for years I could expose the UFO coverup prior to 2012 until I realized that the UFO coverup had been exposed, that contacts were taking place between humans and beings such as myself who are not from this planet, and that none of this was ever going to stop. What will stop, will be things like voting, sports, and the Gay Pride festival. People will also stop listening to the radio and TV when they realize that these are merely maps to beings such as the Dracos and other negative ET races. Our job at present, is to fight against the real extremists, the Illuminati, and form a world wide resistance against them – the human resistance. That is our job.

Our job now is no longer to prevent WWIII or an alien attack upon the Earth because it seems we are simply not allowed to do that and such insane speculations no longer make sense to me. Today I no longer understand why a race which was so obsessed with the idea of destroying itself by means of nuclear war suddenly wakes up at the last moment when it is ineviteable that such a war is going to happen. What I realize instead, is the importance to find the survivors and to ensure the survivors gather together in the Final Battle and prepare themselves for that period in advance. From the X – Files, I understand that a material found in caves and rocks on certain places in the US and Iceland and elsewhere known as magnetite, creates fear in the minds of lesser advanced ET races who want to come to Earth to attack Earth humans. The X – Files episodes discussed that it was this material, magnetide, which originally brought down the UFO which crashed at Roswell in 1947. I tried insanely to expose the truth behind the Dulce material in Iceland until I realized it was simply not part of God“s divine plan. What was part of God“s divine plan, was to release information on Dulce to those who already knew, not those who had no idea about what was going on and would not believe it anyway and would stubbornly, arrogantly, hypocritically and therefore totally insanely react against it. I thought that the Et material could be kept separate from the Dulce material, until I realized that if I mention certain words in Iceland or in western society in general, such as “dulce“, it will create a feeling of extreme anxiety, fear and panick in the minds of people who cannot tolerate the truth.

Our job now is no longer to get the attention of the FBI or the 9 – 11 emergency services to the Dulce base, instead, the resistance will be attempting to reach out to those already working at such organizations who oppose the Agenda and do not want our world to be manipulated in any way.

It“s long since I gave up on New York Times and declared The Whashington Post to be a tabloid, because I had refused to understand until that time that these magazines were part of the same manipulation. Today I ask anyone whom I see reading a magazine that presents the official version of a real life event “are you still reading this magazine?“. That“s the only way to get people into stop buying bullshit – it“s to show them how much of a bullshit the bullshit is that they are buying. As to the possibility of a nuclear war, I still believe that human beings can prevent it, and as to the possibility of an alien threat or an alien attack from outside the Earth, every sane person now knows that there has never been any plan anywhere in the universe at present to attack the Earth as such, but rather those among the human race who are awakening to conciousness and awareness and are allowing conciousness to connect to the infinite and who refuse to accept any limitations to anything. When people ridicule me in Iceland, and the good news is that so far only three people of maybe 15 to 25 I have talked to about this have reacted abnormally and ridiculed what I was saying, I ridicule them in turn. I laugh at a guy who says no manipulation is going on at Dulce and make that person in that way feel ashamed of what he is saying. Because I know that if this person sues me, I will get the chance of contacting the police in Iceland anyway, which in turn will collaborate with Icelandic emergency services who in turn could contact organizations such as the FBI. So the guys who are ridiculing me in Iceland for saying what I am saying you and the others who know the truth, are so scared right now that they don“t have the courage to show me how scared they really are. This fear is very unfortunate in their case, but it can be overcome once they realize there is no reason to be afraid as long as one does not give up on fear.


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Fitzgerald: "Investigation Is Not Over"

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Lewis Libby resigns; FBI looks into forged Uranium reports regarding Niger; activists push for an international commission to condemn torture; Iraq Veterans Against the War speak out on the deaths of 2,000 US troops; judge rules to notify attorneys regarding hunger strikes; Miers exemplifies Republican divide; Kansas Board of Education tries to teach biology without evolution; and more ... Browse our continually updating front page at

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Fitzgerald: "Investigation Is Not Over"
The CIA leak investigation is "not over," special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald said Friday after announcing charges against I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff.

Who Forged the Niger Documents?
A two-year inquiry by the Federal Bureau of Investigation has yet to uncover the origin of forged documents that formed a basis for sending an envoy on a fact-finding trip to Niger, a mission that eventually exploded into the CIA leak. Inquiry documents, which were intended to show that Iraq was seeking uranium for a nuclear weapons program, had yielded some intriguing, but unproved, theories.

Nat Hentoff | Stain on the White House
The Center for Victims of Torture called upon the Bush Administration to take an active roll in an international commission formed to investigate all acts of torturous, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. As the US publicly denounces torture, American soldiers continue to engage in such acts.

Mike Hoffman | 2,000 Dead: How Many Is Too Many?
Lance Corporal Mike Hoffman, member of Iraq Veterans Against the War, discusses his combat with under-equipped Iraqi soldiers. Fueled by military justifications that Iraq was in possession of weapons of mass destruction, had been assisting al Qaeda, was partly responsible for 9/11, and was an imminent threat to the United States and Iraq's neighbors, Corporal Hoffman went to war. Now he poses the question: How many more US troops are we willing to lose for such an unsuccessful war?

Judge Rules on Guantanamo Strike
A District Court judge ruled that lawyers for the scores of terror suspects on hunger strike at the Guantanamo Bay jail must be told before detainees are force-fed, an act which has been described as deliberately harmful to detainees. Judge Gladys Kessler also ordered the US government to release all necessary medical records one week prior to such force-feedings taking place.

Right Stares Down White House, and Wins
Republicans are not exempt from struggles with unity. Conservative activists and intellectuals campaigned against the Supreme Court nomination of Harriet Miers, and succeeded. Miers withdrew her bid yesterday, further personifying the looming division between conservative image and ideology.

Kansas Fight on Evolution Escalates
Two leading science organizations have denied the Kansas Board of Education permission to use their copyrighted materials as part of the state's proposed new science standards since the new standards are critical of evolution. The Board has minimized evolution's role in biology to mere off-hand mentions, which alters the text, under litigation, to the extent that publishers rebuke.

French and American Models of Social Anxiety
Only one European social model is both effective and equitable, according to a recently published study. In the face of the shocks of globalization, very few developed countries have succeeded in remodeling their systems of social protection, and in marrying competitiveness and solidarity in a completely convincing manner, Eric le Boucher writes.

Cheney, Libby Blocked Papers to Senate Intelligence Panel
Vice President Cheney and his chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, decided to withhold crucial documents from the Senate Intelligence Committee in 2004 when the panel was investigating the use of pre-war intelligence that erroneously concluded Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

Celeste Zappala and Anne Roesler | Passing 2,000
Celeste Zappala and Anne Roesler write that in Iraq, another soldier teetered on consciousness, drew the last breath and was gone. And all the hopes that rode on him and all the prayers that followed him from all the people who loved him are done.

The Nation | Scott Ritter and Seymour Hersh: Iraq Confidential
Seymour Hersh and former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter discuss how the CIA manipulated and sabotaged the work of UN departments to achieve a hidden foreign policy agenda in the Middle East.

Ohio Bush Campaign Donor Indicted
A federal grand jury has indicted Tom Noe, the former Toledo-area coin dealer at the center of a state investment scandal, of illegally laundering money into President Bush's re-election campaign.

Paul Krugman | Bernanke and the Bubble
Paul Krugman writes that by Bush administration standards, the choice of Ben Bernanke to succeed Alan Greenspan as chairman of the Federal Reserve was just weird. For one thing, Mr. Bernanke is actually an expert in monetary policy, as opposed to, say, Arabian horses.

2,000 US Troops Dead in Iraq: One Survivor Tells His Story
"I went to fight in Iraq to get revenge for 9/11... I found out Bush had led us into a war that was immoral and totally wrong..." - IVAW Member, Tomas Young

Michael Scherer | Can the GOP Make Lemonade out of Miers?
The radical right's veto of Bush's lawyer has left the GOP scarred. But if the president pushes through a reactionary, the real losers may be the Democrats.

NOW | CIA Leak Probe
With possible indictments from the special prosecutor in the outing of undercover CIA agent Valerie Plame expected before week's end, NOW goes inside the story of how her name became public.

Libby Indicted, Perjury, Obstruction - Resigns
Vice presidential adviser I. Lewis "Scooter' Libby Jr. was indicted Friday on charges of obstruction of justice, making a false statement and perjury in the CIA leak case.

Decision Day: Libby Indictment Likely
White House officials braced for the possibility that Vice President Dick Cheney's top aide would be indicted in the CIA leak case, but held out hope that presidential confidant Karl Rove might escape charges for the time being.

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