Judge Samuel Alito: Under His Robe
Mon Oct 31, 2005 18:22

Judge Samuel Alito: Under His Robe

The Alito Nomination: A Few Quick Reactions

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Article III Groupie actually has a very busy day -- and week -- ahead of her, so she's disappointed that the official announcement of Judge Samuel A. Alito's Supreme Court nomination comes at such a hectic time for her. But hey, the world doesn't revolve around A3G; it just seems that way sometimes. And even if President Bush's timing may not be ideal, his chosen nominee certainly is! (Check out Michelle Malkin's comprehensive round-up of blogospheric reaction, as well as Confirm Them, of course.)

Links to much of UTR's extensive past coverage of Judge Alito are collected in this post; if you're hungry for more information about the nominee, they should keep you well-fed for quite some time. In addition, here are some off-the-cuff observations and queries, plus a few links, concerning this morning's announcement by President Bush that he'll be nominating Judge Alito to the SCOTUS:

1. Does anyone know: When was the last time that a Third Circuit judge was nominated to the Supreme Court (if ever)?*

2. It's interesting to see President Bush turning once again to the Third Circuit for a home run of a pick (Michael Chertoff, Sam Alito), to salvage an initial nomination disaster (Bernard Kerik, Harriet Miers).

3. Judge Alito's acceptance speech was elegant, eloquent, excellent. A3G felt a shiver run up her spine when Judge Alito started to get choked up near the end of his remarks.

4. Some helpful surveys and analyses of Judge Alito's jurisprudence in specific areas: business law (Larry Ribstein); securities law (Dave Hoffman); copyright law (William Patry); sentencing and criminal law (Doug Berman).

5. Battle of the "juniors": Is Samuel A. Alito, Jr., an even stronger SCOTUS nominee than John G. Roberts, Jr.? Professor Ann Althouse thinks so; Ed Whelan, who clerked for Justice Scalia, shares that opinion.

6. Judge Alito is fairly affluent, even if he's not as filthy rich as the justice he would replace if confirmed, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. (Gavel bang: How Appealing.)

7. Democratic Senators Frank Lautenberg and Bill Bradley supported Samuel Alito's prior nominations to serve as U.S. Attorney for New Jersey and a judge on the Third Circuit. (Robe swish: How Appealing.)

8. Judge Alito's family is quite attractive. Judge Alito and his wife, Martha Alito, have two children, Philip Alito and Laura Alito. The kids are too old to be as adorable as Jack Roberts and Josie Roberts, but they're still rather photogenic.

9. Check out the results of Hugh Hewitt's cool SCOTUS poll, which show (a) tremendous support for the Alito nomination and (b) a willingness to consider the consitutional option if the Democrats attempt to mount a filibuster. (Granted, the audience of Hewitt's blog is not representative of the public at large; conservatives like A3G are overrepresented in his readership. But the poll results are still encouraging.)

10. Based on the Google searches bringing people to this blog, it's clear that many of you are curious about Judge Alito's religion. As noted by Professor David Bernstein, Judge Alito is Catholic; if he is confirmed, there will be a Catholic majority on the Supreme Court.

[Check back soon, for additional updates; more items will follow, whenever A3G has a few minutes to spare.]


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