Re: The Most Important Criminal Case in American History
Sun Oct 23, 2005 08:58

I would disagree with Mr. Moore that this is the most important criminal case in American history. While this case is of extreme importance, the murder of JFK and the co-conspirators involved in that tragedy haunt us yet today. The JFK murder was never properly investigated by Texas authorities, or anyone for that matter. Time and the release of some of the internal documents related to the JFK matter have made it blatantly clear that the U.S. Govt. killed him with the help of underworld figures that also saw Kennedy as a threat.

I contend that there hasn't been a legitimate election since the election of JFK, and that election may have also been "fixed". The importance of the JFK murder and cover-up leads us to the same group of thugs that have hijacked our media and the U.S. government. The CIA, formerly the OSS, was packed with Nazis from its inception. Some of the Nazis, past and present, playing critical roles in the CIA conspiracy to rule the U.S. are Prescott Bush, George H.W. Bush, Porter Goss, George "w" Bush, Allen Dulles, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, John Conally, Arlen Specter, and E. Howard Hunt, to name only a few of them. [I would recommend to anyone interested in seeing how the "dots are connected" to look at "JFK II", by John Hankey, a school teacher from California who did a low budget DVD that exposes the Nazi/CIA connections that clearly appear to be stitched together through Yale University's Skull and Bones.]

At any rate, the same group that killed Kennedy and took control of Washington D.C., or their descendants, have been groomed through private education and secret society membership to become the CIA and in turn the people that forcibly run the U.S. and create international havoc as a by-product of their ultimate program to centralize world government.

Looking back to 1963 we can see for ourselves how "Happy Days" morality has been incrementally disposed of through wrong headed and unconstitutional decrees eliminating God in the schools, God in the Courthouses, integration or "diversity" multi-cultural awareness, and other tripe that oozes out of D.C.

America has been bankrupted politically, morally, and financially by these nazis and their collaborators. The scheme itself is designed by a select group of international Jew Bankers through the Bilderberg Group, the CFR, the RIIA, and then executed by the CIA (MI-6, MOSSAD).

Every critical institution has been infiltrated and usually commandeered by these Nazi-Jew thugs. The Colleges, the Media, the Banks, the Government and covert intelligence agencies / agents implement the globalists strategy.

The death rattles of democracy spoken of by Mr. Moore have been audible since the execution of JFK by the Bush cabal in 1963. There is still time and enough evidentiary documentation to bring these Nazi scumbags to justice. Should we continue to ignore the most blatant coup in history we will surely suffer the consequences. These same bottom-feeders orchestrated and carried out 9-11, the OKC Bombing, and have also murdered numerous leaders of South American and Latin American Governments. They have fomented wars, coups, and genocide to further their agenda and should not be taken lightly.

Any group or organization that is sincere in preserving America as a moral and ethical nation should immediately appropriate the funds necessary to prosecute the Bush Cabal and those associated with them in the murder of the President of the U.S., John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

While the Plamegate matter is very important, the root problem is within the NAZI-CIA, and the roots run deep.

America has fallen in disgrace and shame under the current administration. The current administration is being run in a cooperative effort between Nazis and Bolshevic Jews, referred to as neo-cons by the politically correct crowd. The term neo-con has no meaning, but the truthful term of Bolshevic Jews should forewarn of a similar revolution occurring here as happened in Russia in 1917.

Ignoring history and our current reality will not serve to restore a sense of freedom and dignity in this country. Our Industry is being shipped over seas, the dollar is worthless, the Bill of Rights doesn't exist, fags frolic half naked in our streets, teen suicide is at its highest levels ever, our children have a slave mentality that causes them to tatoo and pierce every orifice on their bodies, there are cameras everywhere, bio-metric scanning devices abound, diseased and criminal illegal aliens swarm the country unfettered, and it will soon become criminal to be an outspoken opponent of homosexuality, abortion, or Jewish criminality.

To be sure this isn't the America of the 1960's ! Sure, there were globalist schemes and schemers prior to Kennedy, we all know that Woodrow Wilson and FDR were complicit and instrumental in delivering America's treasury to the international Jew Bankers, but the audacity to publicly murder the most powerful figurehead in the world in broad daylight was the culminating ritualistic and sacrificial act in the takeover of America, and has never been seriously investigated or prosecuted. There is no statute of limitations on murder and some of the evil perpetrators are sitting in high places like the White House, being investigated for petty crimes that may or may not have the desired outcome.

If Prosecutor Fitzgerald is successful in handing down indictments on Nazis like Rove and Libby or even Dick Cheney, we should not accept this out of hand as an example of the system working for us, but rather seek to find the real agenda being unleashed by these slithering serpent-like con-men. Are we setting up the nation to elect a Jezebel like Hillary Clinton ? Is this an attempt to create anarchy in order to implement martial law, bring in foreign troops ? Is this more subtle manipulation of the electorate in an attempt to fully dissuade voters from any participation in the political process ? Whatever is happening it is no accident and will be focused on accomplishing another segment of the NWO/Jew Banker Agenda !

Let's get the murderers of our 35th President, and I'm sure we'll also get the current day monsters residing in D.C., London, New York City, Kennebunkport, Maine, and Israel.

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