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an undeclared, all-out 'weather war' against the U. S.
Sun Oct 23, 2005 02:55


An undeclared, all-out 'weather war' against the United States"

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Somebody Tried to Kill Hurricane Wilma ... BEFORE She was Born! -- UPDATED 4:50 AM October 19th

With apologies for my unfortunate absence from this forum in recent days, for weeks now we have been presenting (in previous "Captain's Blogs") increasingly extraordinary images, archived radar data and expert testimony, all supporting the (to some) equally extraordinary new reality:

That, despite what experts tell us, the technlogy currently exists to actually control the weather -- and specifically, nature's most destructive type of storm: the hurricane itself.

And that "someone" has been using this technology this summer "in an undeclared, all-out 'weather war' against the United States" ... with (after Katrina) disasterous results ....

Tonight, we have discovered startling new evidence that we are right in this extraordinary model:

New MIMIC microwave imagery -- again, from the University of Wisconsin -- of the newly-formed Caribbean Tropical Storm, "Wilma."

The latest image "loop" (above) demonstrates an IDENTICAL "red tuning-fork interference signature" seen in a previous Tropical Storm-turned-Hurricane: "Ophelia!"

Here (below) is that archived Ophelia MIMIC loop ... complete with the same remarkable "tuning fork" interference pattern showing up now in recent "Wilma" images ....

From: Tom
Sent: Saturday, October 22, 2005 6:25 PM
Hurricane Wilma is a extremely large storm (a really), and even though the center of the Wilma is still over 400 miles from Florida, witness below the damage and flooding it has caused already. The widespread misconception that Wilma only would become a major concern once its eye approaches landfall is proving to be problematic already to residents of Fort Lauderdale. FYI

ABC NEWS--October 22

In the Fort Lauderdale area, dozens of residents were already dealing with hip-deep flooding from Wilma's outer bands a full two days before the storm was expected to barrel ashore. Five inches of rain overnight forced the evacuation of about 50 houses and apartments.
"We've got two more days before the hurricane," said Belinda Orange, 31, who had about a foot of water in her Oakland Park home. "What are we going to do?"

As residents boarded up windows and some fled Wilma's path, state and federal officials prepared for Wilma, expected to make landfall on Florida's gulf coast Monday morning. It would be the eighth hurricane to hit or at least brush Florida since August 2004.
A hurricane watch was out for a large part of state about 400 miles along the west coast from Key West to the Tampa Bay area and nearly 400 miles along the east coast from Titusville south. The watch means hurricane conditions, including winds in excess of 74 mph, are possible within 36 hours.

Dozens of military helicopters and 13.2 million ready-to-eat meals were on standby, said FEMA spokesman Butch Kinerney.

"We're ready for Wilma and, whatever the storm brings, we're set to go," Kinerney said.
Four to 8 inches of rain were expected in southern Florida through Tuesday, with up to a foot in some areas. Category 2 hurricanes can have a 12- to 14-foot storm surge, and a Category 3 could bring 17 feet.

"The people on the west coast are going to have a real problem," said Stephen Baig, a storm surge specialist at the hurricane center. Forecasters said that with hurricane force winds stretching for 170 miles, Wilma could devastate a large swath of the state.

The following was pasted from a website My comments in blue.

Posted: Sat 22 Oct, 2005
Just as I said above, the EM created Puerto Rican storm has now become an "official" Tropical Depression. Access AccuWeather on the internet and look at the projected path where - on Tuesday - it will be joining with WILMA east of the Florida coast.

They ran out of tropical storm names for this season already, so it's called by the Greek letter "ALPHA"... and no other name could be more fitting. This is the beginning of cyclone weather warfare of a scale and power people could never have imagined... until the effects of this EM created warfare cyclone bring catastrophic disaster and death to North America. New England... you are the target far more than Florida.

I've tried to warn everyone who will listen, yet only a few have been interested. I suggest it's time all readers begin to understand that I am extremely sensitive to the artificial EM frequencies and have learned, over the past year while living through all these hurricanes, to understand them very accurately ever since surviving CHRLEY.

We are in the middle of a weather war RIGHT NOW. It makes no difference who the opposing sides are because the ultimate results are the same. While there may be a victory for one of the opponents, it is ALWAYS the innocent who suffer with death and disaster.

Posted: Sat 22 Oct, 2005
I see that many of the weather computer projections are just now warning that New England may be hit by WILMA, just as I stated 2 days ago. As it stands now, WILMA and the evolving storm system near Puerto Rico will bolster each other by pushing this weather weapon up the eastern seaboard to New England. My own "projection" is that WILMA, in one form or another, will end up centering itself somewhere between Block Island and Boston Harbor.

There are 4 ft. wave swells hitting Ft. Myers Beach in Southwest Florida, yet WILMA is still centered over the Yucutan in Mexico. 4 foot swells are even being seen further north near Tampa. In contrast, wave swells from CHARLEY when it was raging a few short miles off the coast of Southwest Florida were 2-4 ft. I brought up this observation so that readers can clearly understand that WILMA is an EM created storm... an artificially created weather weapon. These increasing swells from such a long distance away are not typical nor "normal" for such a storm if it werea naturally created. The increasing size of the swells over such a long distance is a result of EM Pulses, much like shockwaves from an explosion.

There are "defensive" ELF tone patterns being emitted north-south over southern Florida this morning along with north-south EM conductive chemtrails. This is to create an EM "screen wall" to diminish the force of WILMA as it approaches Florida and crosses over the the Atlantic. But once WILMA meets up with the booster system currently near Puerto Rico, it will be re-charged and become a revived killer storm weapon.
Posted: Wed 19 Oct, 2005
Cyclone WILMA is the most powerful Electromagnetic (EM) storm ever artificially created in our part of the hemisphere. The ELF patterns I'm feeling and hearing from this one have led me to conclude that this man-made created hurricane is nothing less than A BATTLEFIED OF WAR. It doesn't matter who the opponents are as there will be untold civilian casualties if this WEATHER WAR MACHINE is not destroyed within the next 48 hours. WILMA will make Hurricanes Charley and Katrina look like childs play if this WEATHER WARFARE storm pattern is not changed quickly.

As was reported earlier today, this EM created storm is already creating the lowest pressure EVER RECORDED for an Atlantic hurricane: (NOTE)-The millibars are much higher now, however the NOAA forecasts WILMA will intensify (lower millibars?) once it turns away from the Yucatan and heads toward FL.

Posted: Thu 20 Oct, 2005
Just some passing thoughts before things intensify...

Hurricane WILMA is the 1st storm name beginning with a "W" since the alphabetical naming system for tropical storms began in 1950. As the 21st storm of the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season, WILMA ties the 1933 (one of the numbers they like to use, 33rd degree, 33rd parallel etc) record for most Atlantic storms in a season. 1933 was not a good year.

As for what will become of this created EM weather weapon, that all depends on which world power obtains a higher degree of control over it. As I've been repeating to many WVP members since before CHARLEY, beginning back on the old Tylersword Forum, what I've repeatedly called "the storm of the century" for North America will hit New England. Sensing the current ELF tones and frequencies being used to manipulate and intensify WILMA, I truly believe this is just that storm. While Florida will have some impact results from this weather weapon, when WLMA is manipulated up the Atlantic Jet Stream into New England, it will create never before seen floods and tide surges from Delaware to Newfoundland, but especially in the center of New England.

WILMA is the short form of the Germanic WILHELMINA, which is the feminine form of WILHELM. It comes from the two Germanic words WIL (will, desire) and HELM (helmet, protection). Surely, this weather weapon named WILMA will bring all its victims to desire protection. Perhaps it's more than an odd coincidence that this coming Tuesday, October 25, is the Polish name day for WILHEMINA.

This weather weapon named WILMA can be broken up with EMP's and turned into moderate scattered showers if "the powers that be" (TPTB) desired it to be so. Apparently, there were either definite reasons not to destroy storms like CHARLEY and KATRINA -or- some group has a more formidable ability to control these weather weapons. Either way, you can bet that with the EM-ELF frequencies behind WILMA, this weather warfare batte is going to be an intense one. Hang on America... it's going to be the bumpiest ride yet.

8:00 P.M. EDT Thursday: Category 4 Hurricane Wilma has undergone eyewall replacement. Twenty-four hours ago the eye was only 4-8 miles in diameter, now it is 40 miles in diameter and this has coincided with a rise in pressure. Please allow me to translate this for you. WILMA had a strong EM pulse interjected into its northern middle bands to re-define the eyewall in order to strengthen this weather warfare weapon. For those of you who can follow IR and satellite pictures on the internet, take a frame-by-frame 15 minute interval look at what visually happened between 8AM and 8PM today. Here's a hint for all to see with their own eyes: Those spots are not IR or enchanced sat/radar glitches.

Posted: Fri 21 Oct, 2005
October: The month when Daylight Savings Time officially ends in the US and darkness falls one hour sooner. The 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake that struck San Francisco occurred in October. So did the stock market crashes of 1929 and 1987.

Gnosty provided the etymological roots of the name Wilma. Is October 25th the date we should watch out for regarding the pending arrival of Hurricane Wilma onto the shores of the US? October 25th falls on the last quarter of this month's moon phases. The date also coincides with a Jewish holiday called Shemini Atzeret that, ironically, includes a unique prayer ritual that asks G*d to provide adequate rainfall during the traditional rainy season (see description below).

Shemini Atzeret is a two-day festival in traditional Diaspora communities and a one-day holiday in Israel and in many liberal Diaspora communities, as with many other Jewish holidays. The only ritual that is unique to Shemini Atzeret is the prayer for rain (tefilat geshem), and this rayer is parallel to the prayer for dew which is recited on Passover. These two holidays serve as the bookends of the agricultural season, at the beginning and end of the rainy season.

Click Here for Link

Religious Holidays - Jewish Holidays
Sh'mini Atzeret ? October 25, 2005
Simchat Torah ? October 26, 2005

Richard Hoagland provides interesting commentary on his website ( about the anomalous "tuning fork" interference that appears on recent microwave images of Hurricane Wilma that were recorded at the University of Wisconsin. Hoagland asserts that this tuning fork signature was identical t what was recorded in the movements of Hurricane Ophelia earlier this summer.

If the PTBs are artificially engineering Hurricane Wilma to create havoc and devastation along a path that runs from the Yucatan Peninsula through Florida all the way up the Atlantic seaboard to rain-soaked New England and Nova Scotia, my additional thought is that recent hurricanes such as Katrina, Ivan, and Ophelia were staged to test such precise control over our weather. Possible objectives are the imposition of martial law and the relocation of survivors to undisclosed concentration camps. The mid-term elections could also be impacted or delayed by another devastating hurricane.


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